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Feeler-BJD Con in Baltmore MD in summer, 2011-Interested?

Aug 9, 2010

  1. I will definitely attend in 2011

  2. I might attend in 2011

  3. I will attend, but not in 2011

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    1. Just got back from convention in Austin-absolutely fabulous, had a wonderful time. So wonderful that I want to host a BJD con in my home town, so folks in this neck of the woods and all points beyond, could have as much fun as I did...but I need to know if there is any interest before I start pestering hotels, etc, and start booking artists and programs...Please let me know if you're interested-it could be a glorious time for us and our beloved dolls!
    2. It's great that you want to do something like this, but this is not the appropriate venue for determining whether or not people would be interested in attending. In addition, a convention like this would need to be organized completely off of Den of Angels, and only once some more concrete plans were in place could it be advertised here.