Rule Update Feeler Threads No Longer Permitted in the Marketplace

Dec 19, 2013

    1. In the interests of improving Marketplace security and in advance of further Marketplace changes, Den of Angels will no longer permit "feeler" sales posts.

      "Feeler" sales posts are sometimes used when a seller is looking for a specific type of buyer (a longtime fan of that particular sculpt), when the seller does not know how to price the doll, when only a very high price would make the sale worthwhile, or when the doll is not quite cleaned up and ready for sale. Because these sales posts often lack concrete information on the condition of the doll or the payment terms, these posts will no longer be permitted.

      New feeler sales threads posted after today's date will be removed without notice. All current sales threads marked as feelers have until January 1st to be edited or marked for graveyarding. All threads left uncorrected on January 2nd will be removed.

      If you have any questions regarding this rule change, please post in Ask the Moderators.
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    2. I actually love this modification of the rules, because I never know how to respond to a feeler ad. If I want the doll, I don't want to have to go through some painful negotiation with an undecided seller. As a frequent second-hand doll buyer, I feel this is a good improvement to our marketplace.
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    3. This is a brilliant idea, feeler threads seemed so vague and ambiguous - too complicated! Thanks for this decision :)
    4. SO glad that this is a new rule! I never felt comfortable asking the seller the price, there was never a concrete price. :(
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    5. Good move, I think.
    6. Well said:) I also have much apprehension when approaching a seller who's labeled a sales thread as a "feeler". To me it implies a sense of uncertainty on the end of the seller in terms of actually committing to a sale. I want to make a deal, not enter an emotional boxing match. Being also guilty of posting "feeler" threads, I know what kind of message it sends the buyer and does no one any good. I appreciate this change very much.
    7. A VERY welcome adjustment! Bravo, y'all!
    8. i agree! ^^
    9. Thank you for this! I hit the back button any time I run into a feeler thread. There's an implied lack of commitment that just spells trouble, and I don't want to bother with all the negotiating. If someone doesn't have a price for their doll, or is not certain they even want to sell it, then I have to wonder why they are wasting space on the forum posting. I always found feeler threads to be annoying and think this is a great improvement.