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Feeling like you can't do anything, until you have everything?

Aug 12, 2018

    1. My biggest, most severe hobby flaw by far is the feeling that I can't do anything with my current dolls until I have all the dolls on my wishlist, or feeling like I can't do a faceup without all the necessary tools that everyone else has, etc. Sometimes I'm honestly stuck wondering if I'm the only one like this. I know I'm not, but I guess it gets me bummed out.

      I'll get a doll, and then I'll be like, oh well, I can't work on him until I get his partner. GAH. I'll turn around and see people working on dolls as SOON as they get them in the mail, my brain can't even comprehend it even though I wish I could operate like that. I've known people who give their dolls little faceups with whatever they have around just so that they'll have a face, and they're like it's no big deal I'll re-do when I have everything.

      Anyone else like this? no? just me being a weirdo? lmfao
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    2. Nah I totally relate; it took me two months to convince myself to finally ship one of my girls' heads off to a faceup artist because I wasn't anywhere near where I wanted to be in terms of skills and faceup supplies, and I felt bad that I've been keeping her waiting for so long >_>;;

      I also have a difficult time sitting down and telling myself to not buy another doll since the sculpts I've found for my characters aren't limited edition, and that I should save my spending money for clothes for the dolls I currently have, but...I have a hard time since it feels like the family isn't complete just yet and I want to get that out of the way ASAP :sweat
    3. Sometimes i'm able to do things in bits and pieces. Other times I really do need to wait for everything. I was planning on getting my Soom Corun dyed from the moment I bought him, but didn't get around to commissioning his wig and the dye mod until I found his perfect eyes .
    4. Totally there, I started collecting in 2010 and I can honestly say I have not one complete doll (not even near), half of them have face-ups, 2 are missing wigs, only 4 have an outfit. Just, uhhhh, and for another year I don't have time to work on them -_-U
      Ranting, sorry :P
    5. I definitely struggle with this too. My dolls are all nowhere near complete as there's always things to buy or more things to do with them. But it's ok to do things slowly because it's more about the journey and less about the destination so I guess I'm happy that I'll always have things to improve with my dolls!
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    6. I'm so bad for doing the same thing... my girl is still in the box after a few months because I'm too scared to bring her out until I have somewhere nice to put her - like a glass case (although I suppose that's in the interest of doll safety more than anything).
    7. I am actually in the opposite problem. I have so many things I want to do for my current doll I dont know where to begin. I start one project then get distracted by another so I have lots of unfinished things just laying around. I am trying to get better at it though. Perhaps you could try to pick one simple thing that you want to do for your doll, make a schedule of when to do it and stick to it? that way you can do something for your current doll? just kinda ease yourself into doing things for them without everything else being complete. Lucily (or unluckily) for me there is so much time in between dolls I have lots of time to work on the one.
    8. This is me, hahahaha.

      I work so slow with my BJDs that some have had the same outfit for years, others spend months without faceups, etc. For some reason my brain says "first dolls, then work and play with them". Currently they all have faceups, eyes and some clothes, and I sometimes buy things for them; but I keep buying dolls instead of "finishing" them. Hopefully I'll complete my wishlist by 2020 and this nightmare will end (?).
    9. Yes! I have all these ideas for my storyline but I'm waiting on dolls I ordered to come in and i'm not yet sure of their characters and the perfectionist in me does not want to start and have to change things later.
    10. I feel like I can't start anything ahead of time because I don't actually have any dolls here to be 'testers'. Things like eyes and wigs are pending because my heads are being shipped with face-up and I want to make sure I get something that suits. Also waiting on starting to sew any clothes because I hate trying to make something just based on measurements without being able to test-fit. On the one hand, it's fantastic for my wallet because I'm just saving money at this point, but on the other hand my poor dolls will be hairless, eyeless, and naked for a little while after they arrive because nothing is prepared T_T
    11. I'm the opposite in a way, but also the same in another way.

      I don't really like to start putting things together without all the materials, like if I know the character HAS to have purple shimmer, then I can't do the faceup until the purple shimmer is here! Or if I need to order sealant, I won't just buy something at Hobby Lobby and call it good until I can get MSC or something like that. I have to have the right things.

      But in the other way, I have to finish one doll before I get the next. I can't stand having incomplete projects. It feels like clutter to me to have lots of unfinished things lying around. If two dolls arrive at the same time, there's a very high chance that one will get sold before long because I want to work on one and really get it finished, and the other is just distracting clutter to me! So both sides are really frustrating--either feeling unable to enjoy a doll because you need to finish all at once, or unable to enjoy a doll because others need finishing first.
    12. I do like having most things in place, just so that I don't get really excited about spending a day diving into a project only to be interrupted before I've run out of steam by lack of product; I ran out of MSC mid-faceup (btw, can anyone confirm/deny that I should be going through more than one can in a single faceup?) a couple weeks ago and it put me off of it until today, between having to order more and just being bleh about having my vibe blown.

      But there are definitely things I still need for that faceup -- gloss, shimmer, lashes -- that I was ok leaving until the end, because I wanted to make sure I really enjoyed this before getting things I didn't need right away. Same with the full doll; I know what I want but haven't ordered her yet because I want to do a couple faceups on a practice head first.
    13. That sounds like a recipe for stress. I mean, you can’t work on a faceup if you still need materials, I definitely agree there! But there are only so many projects you can reasonably expect yourself to do at once, and if you let all your dolls pile up blank together you’re going to find yourself very quickly overwhelmed when it comes time to paint them.

      Keep in mind too that all the skills involved in painting and sewing and crafting are cumulative—your first attempts aren’t likely to be keepers. Take the time now to practice and you’ll have a much easier time producing work that you’re satisfied with on dolls down the line, which means less time redoing them, and more time to enjoy them.

      @MichaMae If you started with a full can of MSC, running out halfway through a faceup is abnormal. I would say I usually get 3-4 faces out of a can of sealant before it runs out, sealing maybe 5-8 layers.
    14. That was one of the reasons I left the hobby for a few years. Well,I didn't really leave I just boxed everything up and put everything on hold. I was getting discouraged not being able to find the right clothes and accessories for my characters. I was expecting to find everything I needed all at once and it wasn't happening. it seemed like none of my plans were coming together. Then after some time, I decided to just be patient and not worry about it and let everything fall into place on it's own. It will happen when it happens. waiting sucks but the end result is well worth it. Don't just settle for any old thing, hold out and get what you really want.
    15. I tend to be less like that. I want to work on a doll as soon as I get it. Part of it is the need to touch them because I love them. Even if I have a partner planned for them. Their personality and story develops as I work with them.