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feelings towards hybrids

Jan 9, 2007

  1. go for it! greater room for creativity!

  2. absolutely not! it's an insult to the artist!

  3. i'm indifferent.

  4. other.

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    1. i'm just wondering how people feel about hybrid dolls.

      i just adopted a limho body and plan to give him a narin head. i flop back and forth, and feel a little bit guilty that i might be offending Bimong and Jung Ji Yung... i just feel like they go together so well to create a magnificent new doll!

      in the poll, if you choose "other," or if you just want to expound on your response, please tell us what your thoughts are on the subject!


    2. I don't think most people mind. There's a lot of people who want a certain mini head, say, with a more mature body. How do you do it? Make a hybrid. Or make a head that usually comes with a male doll into a girl. Stuff like that.
    3. I have a Volks/Dolkot hybrid becuase of cost issues, and I adore him. I have no problems at all with hybrids.
    4. The dolls lend themselves to customization. If there was some issue with it, companies wouldn't sell bodies or other parts. You'd have a more perminant fix with the makeup etc. So where I personally might not modify a face-up on a certain doll because of the artist or it's limitted qulities. I don't see how switching the head on the body would be an insult to anyone. Perhaps you find another body and put the new head on it, or perhaps you keep it as a piece of art or even sell it. I say go for it....they ask for it..:)
    5. I sew and sell what I sew, if I had a hybrid doll that I was using as a model I'd have some disappointed customers ...

      customer: "I bought this for my Rainy girl, but it doesn't fit anywhere like it did on your Rainy girl in the auction, so I want to return it."
      me: "I'm sorry, I said in my auction it was on a _____ body."
      customer: "I didn't see that, I still want to return it."

      For other folks doing the hybrid thing is great, but for now I gotta have "tops" that match "bottoms" ;)
    6. ursalunar, good point!
    7. Yep, I love 'em. But I can certainly see UrsaLunar's position, too... it's not as though she's buying her dolls strictly for herself!

      I think at least 4 of mine are hybrids ;)
    8. Quite a few of my dolls are hybrids because I am very picky about bodies. I won't keep one that has a low torso joint and see no problem with sticking the head I like on a body I like as well. I also have a thing for making female heads into guys which lends itself to looking for the right guy body to be proportional to the head.
    9. I have a Volks hybrid. To me, I'm indifferent. These dolls are so highly customizble, it's up to the owner to make their doll their own, or to keep them as they came. Whatever works for the owner.
    10. I like hybrids! :3 Sometimes you have to, because your dream doll just isn't possible without it, y'know?
    11. Hybrids- absolutely.

      It's my doll so it's all about my choice and that's all that really matters. I wanted a girl with a childlike body but her default body was quite adult. So I swaped it out for a flat chested little volks body and I'm happy as pie with her :).
    12. I have a lot of hybrid dolls, and it's part of the fun for me, finding the perfect combination of head/hands/body . . . these dolls were made for customization, and once they leave the artist's hands, they're *ours* to make our own . . . honestly, I think that a lot of the artists have been impressed by owners' creativity, from the artist comments I've seen on here.

      -- Andi <3
    13. I don't own any hybrids, not yet, but if that was the only way to get the perfect height/look for my doll I'd have no problem. If I were selling clothing I'd made with one of my dolls and it had a body other than the one that went with the head mold I'd just make sure to be clear and up-front on that.

      For me, height and skintone is really important, so whatever body I'm looking at has to go with the head, beyond that anything goes.
    14. I think it's a great thing. Not all of my characters have the same body type, so I'm open to having say. . . a Volks head on an Iplehouse body. Some people like hybrids for the cost, others like it for the variety. I just wish it was easier to match skintones.
    15. I dont own a hybrid, well not yet at least, but I hope to in the near future. I am fine with the fact that the dolls are hybrids, it gives the person a greater room for creativity and the price can be somewhat cheaper too.
    16. I love hybrids. It's something you can definately call your own.
      As far as insulting a well known doll artist... I'm not sure if they would really mind, I mean... some BJD's come painted and some come without make up. ( at least, some companies offer "no make up" options ).
      It's part of the hobby, as far as my feelings towards it.
    17. I have three hybrids, and by mixing and matching heads and bodies I was able to get the looks I wanted for each character. I see absolutely nothing wrong with doing this, and don't see why it would be insulting. After all you did by at least part of the doll from them, and once it's in your hands it's up to you what you want to do with it. I respect the artists greatly, but at the same time, it's my doll I bought with my money, and I'm going to do what makes me happy : )
    18. I loooove my hybrid. His new body is just so much better for him than the old one. I definitely feel what UrsaLunar mentioned though, because he used to be my main model, but I've had to switch to another of my guys who has a more normal body size.
    19. Being able to customize is one of the great draws of BJD's. I haven't mixed any brands myself yet; but would certainly do so if different parts met my needs better than stock.
    20. I don't mind it either way, I'm indifferent...some bodies, I think, are not as nice as others, but of course that's no reason to hate all hybrids X3