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FeePle Body on Sale (Dreaming Vampire Moon head & new type head available as option)

Oct 17, 2007

    1. EDIT
      Photos of Vampire (type A head) with makeup has been updated.

      Photos of Peavy (type B head available with FeePle body) with makeup are now updated at FairyLand website.


      You can see more images at boy body item pages , girl body item pages , or at [Introducing FeePle] gallery.

      Hello this is FairyLand.

      As announced previously, we are finally launching the release of FeePle body parts.

      Both girl and boy bodies are available, and customers can choose from two optional heads, Dreaming Moon Vampire and Peavy.

      Price is $580 plus shipping. Customers save on shipping fee by purchasing "FeePle Body Parts Free Shipping Coupon" for $20 (as shipping would cost more than $20 normally).

      Alternatively, FairyLand's Free Shipping Service applies if sum of total order (eg. buying FeePle body plus other items) exceeds $600.

      Please visit FairyLand Shopping Mall for more information.


      Thank you!
    2. FeePle body is now on sale :)
    3. You might want to mention that there are 2 heads available with the bodies; Peevy and the much awaited Dreaming Vampire Moon. <3
    4. I thought that part was enough explanation, but Lethanon's words are clearer :) Yes currently two heads are available with the body, and customers can choose one of them.

      Another thing to keep in mind (though it is written on the item page) eyes are not included in the package.

    5. Hi Liria,
      I was just wondering which unpainted head was pictured on the boy body.
      Is it Riff ?? Or someone new ??
      ~ Jay
    6. That's Peavy the new head, which is also available with the girl body (same as Dreaming Vampire Moon head).
    7. Hi Liria,
      Sorry, I meant the one actually pictured on the body, not the separate heads.


      Riff is on the right from earlier photos, and I was wondering who is on the left ??


      ~ Jay
    8. Is it possible to just buy the dreaming moon head by itself?
    9. Hi Liria,
      I'm sorry, I don't understand. The Peavy/vampire head is free with the body as an option? The price didn't change, but I wanted to make sure.
    10. i really want the dreaming vampire moon do you think you can seperate them in the future
    11. b_o Sorry about the confusion there! That is Riff head.

      Price of FeePle body does not change even if you don't want to have the head. The head is like a free gift from FairyLand where you get to choose one from the options. The heads are not available separately.
    12. Liria, will the free head with the Feeple body only be something done for a short time? Or will it be ongoing? :)
    13. The free head is ongoing thing, and more heads will become available in the future :)
    14. just a note, because i had suddenly wanted to get the body for my Senior Delf, but my enthusiasm was immediately dampened:

      Hi mikagami,

      FeePle skin tone is different to Luts Senior Delf skin tone. Luts Delf and MiniFee share similar skin tone with FeePle because FairyLand is in charge of the resin color mix for them, but not Senior Delf.

      FeePle boy is 69.5cm tall.

      Thank you for your inquiry, and have a good day

    15. Photos of Peavy head with makeup updated. Please refer to posting #1.
      Photos of Dreaming Vampire Moon head with makeup are not available yet, and will be updated once they are ready.
    16. Photos of Moon Dreaming Vampire head with makeup has been updated, please refer to posting #1.