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Feeple Breakaway Discussion

Sep 17, 2008

    1. I think i might be adding this boy to my wishlist.. o.o!

      I squealed when i saw him... And that is odd for me to do...
    2. Here's to crossing our fingers he's not limited, or if so, not very limited. I love the dreaming head and think I am going to need one >.>
    3. Lol, I agree with you.

      I have a vampire breakaway bloody valentine that I just adore, but for fitting the character, that dark dreaming boy may just give my current breakaway a run for his money. :D
    4. OMG....@_@...LOVE the dreaming Breakaway, AND THEY ALL HAVE THE OPEN MOUTHS THANK YOU....D::: CP just can't stop with these Breakaway's XDDDDD
    5. Don't you think there are four heads? The "white" opened eyes head could be sold with the dreaming head in white and the "black" dreaming could be sold with the sleeping breakaway... What are you thinking about that?
    6. Yes...there seem to be 4 head types...@_@ and I'm guessing they are being sold with the clothes too as full sets?? they have shots of the shoes and everything...
    7. Yes, i think they're going to be sold in Full set, it's sure ! As there were two Cali set for sale, there'll be two types of Breakaway with two heads by set !!!!
    8. I love the dreaming boy. He's gorgeous. :)
    9. Hopefully he's not terribly limited ;o;
    10. The trend with Fairyland seems to be making just limited sets of dolls, hopefully Breakaway will be the same. (That being said even if he is limited, Feeples don't, from what I have observed, sell very well so I'm sure it won't be gone too quickly.)
    11. Holy Cow..
      I pray he is not limited.......
    12. Zomg~! I think I might have to get one of them O__o;; I'm in <3333 I really hope they aren't limited too!
    13. *stab*
      just when i'm on layaway for a BA 05 vamp head to mod it to a dreaming one.

      "good timing" T_T
      but they looks gd, i like the dreamy one! <3
    14. That's great... CP keeps on re-releasing their limited dolls over and over.
    15. Gus251: i believe they are not exactly the same as the 05 and 08 one. i have both 05 and 08, they look differently enough to differentiate which version is which. I guess this feeple one have their difference as well ^_^
    16. :D I was just set to never own any boy dolls again, and here I go, squee*fest returns! dreaming breakaway is beautiful :...(
    17. I have a breakaway 08 and really do not like that leaves a limited version!
      lack of seriousness towards producers!
      aspect at this point the wooso and elf shiwoo!:roll:
    18. I guess it is kind of weird that the Breakaway is being re-re-realeased .... XD eh..I bought a Breakaway '05 before the BVV released in '08 for a good chunk of money...but you take your chances with companies 'limited' releases. ^^ Still doesn't really change the fact that I love Breakaways...and if this one isn't a limited...I can own a dreaming boy without killing my bank account now.
    19. Dyybuk: ahh same here... had the 05 and paid for it at the marketprice. i have learnt too that always take those limited with a gain of salt :/ besides, the 2 version have differences too and i guess this one as well.