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Update FeePle & MiniFee A la Carte, Puki Magic Item Updates at FairyLand

Jul 7, 2008

    1. Dear customers,

      We are pleased to announce the following new updates-

      1. FeePle A la Carte
      Default system is identical to those of MiniFee A la Carte's. FeePle A la Carte will start with the four FeePle head types, excluding limited edition Ashley and Opening Event heads.

      2. MiniFee A la Carte head "Carl"
      Thanks to so much support and inquiries, the old "B" head which had been registered by mistake is now available as "Carl" head.
      We would like to thank everyone who have shown much interest and patience. Please refer to the A la Carte pages for default makeup photos.

      3. New Puki Magic Items
      Three types of hands and one shoe are now updated at Pukipuki Magic Item category.

      Our apologies for delays with restocking various outfits and wigs.

      If you wish to add any additional items to your current order which is at [Before Shipping] stage, please place a new order in and ask for combined shipping including the current order number. If the order has not been paid yet, then it is recommended that a whole new order is placed and the old order cancelled.

      If you have any inquiries please feel free to contact the administrator via CS Center, 1:1 Care Center or email.

      Thank you.

      FairyLand Shopping Mall http://dollfairyland.com
    2. Fabulous! Thanks for the update, Liria! I know a lot of people have been waiting on the Carl head. Any idea on when the old #7 head will be updated? I remember Fairyland said they were intending to, but I was just curious if plans had changed, or they had simply put her aside during the rush of the event and all these new plans. ^_^ Thanks!
    3. At the moment the old #7 had doesn't have the SP head nor default makeup needed for A la Carte options. Since these would require some internal schedule adjustment and would take quite some time, we aren't completely sure of the update possibility at this stage.
    4. I had heard that the Dark Elf Soo was going to be added as an A la Carte option some time after the event. Do you know if the same may go for the current Nanuri gift head for the Feeple A la Carte?
    5. [SIZE="-10"]It has already been said that the Nanuri '08 gift head will not be sold, so I don't think it'll be added to the Feeple A la Carte line up. However, I could be wrong.[/SIZE]

    6. The Dark Elf Soo will be added to the FeePle "A la Carte" line up some time after the '08 Summer event but the Nanuri head will not be available for sale separately.
    7. I love the new puki magic items! <3
      FairyLand have plans to sell the active body separately? i want to encorpse my new dark soo elf head!^^