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Feeple Minifee El

Aug 30, 2008

    1. I'm not sure if this already exists, and if it does, please direct me to it! :)

      I want to create a place where we can discuss various things about this wonderful mold, and even its counterpart and kin molds. There is already a phenominal thread, which I will post below, The El Army, which has lots of pages to oogle beautiful pictures, but no real place to talk about El, and I have questions. I want to know what you guys think of him? Do you own one currently? What do you like about him? Have you sold one? What didn't you like about it? I am confused as to the relationship between CP, Lutz, and Fairyland. Who makes El? Also, feel free to post a little El picture spam. :)

      The El Army: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=17927
    2. Cerebrus Project actually makes the dolls, Luts just sells them and well as Fairyland they sell the dolls that CP makes, if my memory is accurate. Also EL is the 60cm doll that Luts sell as well as the 43cm size that Fairyland sells. Correction Luts has the official announcement on the website.....guess I was wrong.
    3. I like the 43 cm best, mostly because I'm sticking to that size, at least for now. I've not really seen the 60 cm, at least, not that I've recognized as a SD doll.

      Edit: It seems the mods have moved my thread to the Large Dolls thread, but I was specifically interested in the MSD El dolls. :( Cerebus Project El. Um, could the mods move this back, please? I didn't know there was a SD El.
    4. Are you asking about Mini Fee El? There is only one version of El that comes in the mini size. The origianl Delf El is a 60cm boy, all of the other versions of him have been 60cm dolls as well, like the Dreaming El, Tan El and Elf El. All of the pictures in the El Army thread are of the 60cm dolll. If you've looked at that thread you have indeed seen the 60cm El. :sweat

      And just so you know, it's confusing to call all mini dolls MSD. MSD is a trademarked name for minis made by a specific company. ;)

      I'l edit your title to reflect what you actually want to talk about and move it for you.
    5. Thanks so much, I'm so confused. Why on earth would two different companies sell face molds of the same name? So, who makes Minifee El?

      And I thought MSD stood for Mini Sized Dolls. Am I wrong, again? :doh
    6. The correct spelling is Cerberus Project. :daisy That should help w/ searches.
    7. MSD is Mini Super Dollfie. It's a trademark of Volks. El (just plain El) is 60 cm. The MNF, or MiniFee version is what you are looking for-the MNF was made AFTER the larger one. Think of it as a miniature version. Currently you can find all of the MNF line at Fairyland.

      They're one of the bigger doll lines, so you should have no trouble finding information about them.
    8. Cerebus Project is a sculpting group. They made Delf El (and most of the other early Delf) but the rights to sell that head mold (and the others)belongs to Luts. Cerebus project also created a mini line of dolls called Minifee. Most of the Minifee are based on the 60cm Delf sculpts that belong to Luts. The Minifee are sold by Fairyland, which is the storefront name used by CP. Fairyland and Cerebus Project are different branches of the same company, Luts is a separate company. *whew*

      It is confusing.
    9. So all the El's I've been googling over are the 60cm version? How different is the minifee version? Anyone have pictures of the Minifee El?
    10. Ingie-- Probably. XD Unless you saw a thread with the El being the same size with other Mini-sized dolls, it was probably the larger boy (he's very popular ^^).

      Here's a link to one of the gallery threads with a MNF El (and believe me, it's difficult. They give you things like "elf" and such in the results too. XP And ALL the Minifee threads. You'll have better luck with "MNF" instead of the full word): http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=239536&highlight=MNF

      And here's the MNF El Database link: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=122041

      Aw hell, and ANOTHER Gallery thread, this one with both the big El and MNF El, so you can see the differences/similarities: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=239981&highlight=MNF