felix brownie dolls

Nov 11, 2009

    1. I am having a very frustrating experience with this company. I placed an order with Felix direct Aug 4, there were various mail correspondences, the last saying the dolls were due to ship Oct 21.

      Well we are at Nov 10 and to date no more updates and nothing to indicate the dolls have shipped. I called paypal but am not really too hopeful. At this point it seems clear that Felix is ignoring customers and their care board. And perhaps rewarding direct customers by scamming them for cash.

      In my experience it is a mistake to do business with Felix
      It seems that people that order from Ajuma Pama, actually get their goods; even if they are late.

      I will post a resolution if there is one but at 96 days it seems like money and emotional loss.

      Karin (Ajuma Pama) believes that Felix will make good eventually, I feel a bit reassured, but skittish over Felix's lack to reassure their customers (The Japanese site says they are experiencing delays as of Oct 26th, because of a vendor issue) It just isn't on the English site? I really wish I had ordered through Karin :)
    2. Jsus, i wonder why this is happening??? I do know that Ajuma had a heck of a load of orders, prescisely because the brownies where such a fab deal. But if Feliz is ignoring their direct costumers, etc etc it is not fair or right. I do hope you get your problem sorted, never too late! espcially if you provide paypal qith the evidence of communication attempts, etc. They can be understanding ^^ Good luck! ^^
    3. To add to this thread. I ordered direct from Felix on 13th August as I live in Australia and shipping was cheaper than from the US. Upon payment they said that the doll would be shipped late September/early October. I emailed them 26th October to find out when my doll would be getting shipped. They read the email but didn't respond. Further emails were just ignored. Finally, after a month, I simply asked for a refund, I even sent them a paypal invoice and was ignored. To date, they haven't read any of my messages or responded in any way. I'm currently in the midst of claiming my payment back through my credit card. People that have ordered 2 months after me are getting their dolls.


      They are incredibly poor to deal with directly. You get much better service going through Karin. The brownie I bought was great, but quite a number of the magnets needed to be reglued.
    4. Follow-up: The moment the chargeback hit paypal and they started a claim, Felix shipped my Brownie. They didn't email me, give me an EMS no or contact me in any way. My order just showed as completed shipping and the doll arrived here a few days later. Poor communication is standard with Felix when dealing directly.

      By all accounts, ebay or Karin are the best ways to purchase from Felix. Another person in Brisbane ordered direct, she didn't receive a sleeping head and wigs she had purchased additionally. The wigs showed up 6 months later after she emailed them once a week for 2 months. The head is yet to appear.
    5. felix really has no communication.
      i ordered 2 brownies and some extra stuff at september 7, was told that they'd ship at november 9. tried contacting them about the order situation many times in late november and early december. i don't know if they read it but i got no replies. then on december 16 they arrive. i got no shipping notice, i remember checking my order status 2 days ago which was "money transfer received" and then it became "shipment completed" the day i received them. i have missing items too, i have very little hope i'll get them sometime soon.
      i wrote these on waiting room too and i definitely agree with Hobbysue: don't order throught felix. : (
    6. still waiting no dolls no reply! This really seems like Felix is a company NOT to order from
      since aug 4 th
    7. One comment I should also add. I have no idea what glue Felix are using, but it doesn't work. With both brownies, I've ended up regluing most of the magnets, especially the ones holding the head to the body.
    8. I'm glad i'm not the only one who ordered from Felix, their english site. Though i wish i hadn't. I didn't even know about Karin, I looked all over and that's what i found. I've been waiting since August as well and I guess i'll be contacting paypal as well. Sad really. I even direct emailed them a few weeks ago and nothing.
    9. I've been having so much problems with this company that I don't even know where to begin or when all of this wll end.
      I'm not frustrated, more extremely disappointed. They just chose to ignore all of us costumers.
      I placed an order in earlyOctober of 2009 and still haven't seen any dolls. They still owe me money also and I haven't seen that money being refunded either.
      Now apparantly they have a new site up. A site, which I had to sign up for again. So now I have no clue about what is going on.
      I did however notice they changed paypal addy. I think this is very rotten of them. To have multiple paypal accounts. Getting money into these account, but still not able to refund people they owe money!
      I really hope they get a real grip soon, because their service is beyond awful.
      I love the dolls, but I'll probably not buy from them ever again. Sad but true.

      EDIT: I forgot to mention I got help by paypal to get a refund, but they couldn't do anything.
      I also contacted my bank. So for now I am waiting for their answer.
    10. I also saw the new site Hobbycore seems to have taken over
      They are promising to fulfill old orders and apologise for the delay, But we will have to see
      As I also feel my information has been lost (my order)
      The semi good news is that they seem to be answering e-mails for the new site
      although they have new dolls at new prices. I think Hobbycore is trying to make the brownie work out like puki's but they have a long long way to go
    11. My orders are all gone, so I cannot see anything. Good thing I have a copy.
      They haven't answered my emails yet, but it has only been two days since I sent them the email...
      Fingers crossed they will do their best this time!
    12. more things I found out yesterday
      email address [email protected] is JPSANG's email address and also the new paypal address, so they are the same people that were in charge before also hobbycore sells on ebay.

      I have made a complaint through paypal and linked the new paypal address, anyone with a problem with this company that paid through paypal and recieved nothing needs to do this, that way they will be under scrutiny to deliver
    13. I ordered from Hobbycore on ebay. Are they reliable?
    14. hobbycore on ebay has to fulfill their orders, they have a legal contract with ebay to deliver, HOWEVER it is suggested that on the 44th day you file a claim just in case so you make the deadline. They have 100% feedback but so far only 47 sales.
    15. That makes me a little worried, actually...
      If I happen to get my girl by the due date, I'll be sure to give everyone all the info I can.
    16. ugh. thanks for the heads-up!
    17. I'm scouring hobbycore's ebay, and supposadly there's been 80+ sales (or maybe I'm reading it wrong).
      All the feedback is positive, and each rave about GREAT communication, fast shipping, careful packing, excellent quality, and even talk about extras the seller has thrown in. This sounds promising, but there's only one way to be sure....

      Again, I'll keep everyone posted. I'm suppose to have mine by the end of this week.
    18. Karin from [​IMG]
      USA Is a member here and although the wait has been long she stands by her shop, and people are happy and have gotten their items also the shipping is less and she is IN the USA. Although I ordered through Felix direct, she has tried to help me as well
    19. I wish I would have ordered from there so I could get mine faster....><
    20. Hello
      Felix is.
      Sorry sent too late.
      January 15 will be sent to you.
      Orders are missing.
      Please wait.
      Please. ::::::This is a reply from felix, SO there are people there! let's hope people get their dolls. I would say to e-mail with your order # if you have been over the 90-120 day period