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Felix Brownie Event at AjumaPamaUSA

Apr 14, 2009

    1. Hi Everyone!
      The Special Brownie Event from Felix/Ajumapama ends June 27th, 9AM EST. Regular shipping will apply. The dolls are so discounted, that I can't pick up all the shipping for you, sorry. But for those in the USA, it amounts to $5.00 - $8.00 for one or two dolls. International customers are obviously more depending on weight and if you want insurance or not.

      **STARTING JUNE 13TH**
      Your choice of a pair of shoes for Brownies when you spend $100 or more

      Added 9 more Event Brownies with Ruru, Yuyu, Haha, and Pepe heads.

    2. Pictures and prices are now up!
    3. What price will they be after the sale, and is the sale even going on through their official site, or only through your site? On the official site, the event sale only shows 6 dolls when I try to look and see if there's a distinction, so is it for all of the dolls, or only certain ones?
    4. After the sale, these select 34 will probably not be available at all. I am given photos, description and prices on what to sell on my site. I do not know if the Felix site will offer the same or not. I do not deal directly with Felix Doll, I work with AjumaPama.

      Sorry not much help.
    5. Are the cat ears included?
    6. Will it really take 60 days to ship? :(
    7. It looks like they may be included. I clicked on Iliana and the zoom pictures show the full outfit in the very last photo. :)

      Thank you for the heads up!
    8. Sorry I am not receiving a notice that questions were posted.

      All been answered except for they do take approximately 60 days after I order them in Korea. My orders go in every Saturday morning at 9AM EST for the Brownies.

      There are other ears available under the category of "AjumaPama Shops" "Brownie". Also there you will find a link to other magnet wigs.

    9. I'm not sure if anyone didn't notice, I think the new doll zoom pictures on the ajumapamausa aren't updated with pictures of the actual doll for example the strawberry momo zoom pictures shows the same doll as the other strawberry full set even though the strawberry momo lists the doll having fairy ears (and probably a momo head) and the regular strawberry set as having human ears with some other type of head.

      So keep an eye out for problems, so you won't be upset if you get something you think you didn't order.
    10. Please be sure to refresh your pages. I have updated so many pages sometimes they don't refresh automatically.

    11. several of the dolls show them as coming with full hand sets or a sleeping fairly head or even a open eyed head, during this new bonus time frame event if i purchase one of those dolls for instance mentioning the sleeping elf head I would get my doll the sleeping head mentioned in the items description as well as my selection of free head right?
    12. Disir2K-
      I have not been told to change the descriptions of the dolls that come with a head/full hand set. So, yes, you should get what is described and the free extra head if you qualify.

    13. ok last question does ravi come with the black ears shown in the pictures?
    14. There is now a choice between several gifts.
      Gift heads ends June 3rd.

      Gift dress (spend $150 or more) or random wig (spend $60 or more) ends June 20th.

      Spend the appropriate amount and choose which you would rather have.

    15. Disir 2K-
      Yes, on the black ear headband.
    16. I have a question, I ordered a Punk Lady during this event, around a few weeks ago, she ended up being almost $70, am I qualified for the free wig? Even though I ordered before the gift promo was announced? Thanks!
    17. I have the same question - I ordered an Asha on 5/21, and am wondering if I qualify for the free head offer!? Thanks much!
    18. Sorry I am not keeping up with your questions.....

      Everyone will be getting gifts for the most part. A few that bought a doll at the $58 price don't but the rest will. Depends on what order period you purchased during.

      I really am trying to be fair with everyone, I know it is tough with Felix changing the gifts so much, but I am peddling as fast as I can!

      Thanks all,
    19. According to the website the sale has been extended again. :D Plus, Karin did add the 9 *new* dolls. :)

      "Special Event through June 27th, 9AM EST"