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Felix Small Comfort & New Brownies at AjumaPamaUSA

Feb 21, 2009

    1. I am now able to order the new Felix Small Comfort. Comes with main head and sleeping head (both with face ups) and hand knitted clothes. This is a SPECIAL EVENT DOLL. Pre-Order until March 14th at 9AM EST.

      There are also 4 new Limited Brownies..... Boardman, Nero, Naomi, and Iliana.

      FREE shipping ANYWHERE on all full Felix Dolls (does not include parts).

      Orders for Brownies go in every Saturday morning at 9 AM EST. I ship to you from Ohio/USA.

    2. will he still be available after the preorder period as a basic?
    3. I cant find the dolls pics!
    4. Do Brownies wear the same size clothing as Puki?
    5. Brownie to 0.5 cm higher than puki. size clothing, eyes and wigs in their matches
    6. Good question,I want to know it too.

      Karin,is this pre-order $130 as on the website? Or is it a higher price because it's a special event doll? Thanks!
    7. Sorry everyone. I didn't get back to you right away.

      I do not know if I will be carrying the Small Comfort after this event ends on the 14th of March.

      The price is $160 on Ajumapama's sites because it comes with 2 heads (with face up on both) and a special hand knitted outfit.