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Nov 12, 2007

    1. I am pleased to announce that AjumaPama-Korea and AjumaPamaUSA will be carrying a line of dolls. I have very little information on the company (FelixDoll/PrettWorks) itself but for the first girl body and 3 different face sculpts, I have pictures on my AjumaPamaUSA site. Previously known as Pretty Works.

      Prices will start at $353 for a basic doll, there is one Limited Edition doll for $463, three heads that are available, unpainted for $88 and a body only for $298.

      Their first doll is similar to U-Noa/MiniFee body. Most variations are less than 1cm (.39 inch) larger or smaller. Here is a comparison chart:

      STATURE : 42cm / 43cm / 41cm
      HEAD: 18cm/ 17cm / 19cm
      EYES: 16mm / 10-12mm / 14mm
      BUST: 16.5 / 15.5cm / 17cm
      (17.78cm lrg. chest U-Noa)
      WAIST : 13.5cm/12.7cm / 12.5cm
      HIP : 17.8cm/ 20.32cm / 19.5cm
      FOOT: 5.5cm / 7.62cm / 7.5cm
      WIGS: 7 -8 / 6-7 / 7-8

      AjumaPama-Korea will be designing the clothes for the Limited Edition dolls. Their regular U-Noa clothing editions will fit the Felix dolls.

      I am looking forward to receiving one soon.

    2. Good question. I have no answer. I will contact AjumaPama and see what they say. They gave me only the photos for the USA site and not any real information on the company.

      Thanks for the heads up.
    3. This is not a new line of dolls. FelixDoll is also known as PrettyWorks.
      I am currently working on finding out why the name change.

    4. Hey Karin, will you be offering them in NS as well?
    5. I am sorry, I don't know, there has been no mention of a NS.

    6. And i guess you cant buy the dolls from the fullset in basic? Or just the head? :(
    7. I don't understand. Basic and Full Set are two different categories. I don't have any information on Full Set or what they will include. The basic set is a full doll without a face up so I am assuming full set will be with a face up.

      You can buy individual heads with face up and a body and just put the two together which shouldn't be too hard.

    8. awesome!!! this will mean more clothing options for slender minis, right?? :3
    9. Well, I don't know about more options. The Felix FMD can fit in most U-Noa clothes.

    10. So felixdoll has a tiny now.
      you have a nice video, but do you have any photos of the body?
    11. Sorry, I don't have pictures of the tiny yet. I will get the information up on my site as soon as I do. Can't tell you when, sorry.