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Felixdoll Brownie Babies - 'Small Comfort' discussion part 1

Mar 4, 2009

    1. Thanks for that link. I was too busy looking at the babies! The bodies we received were girls. They could be genderless, though with a bit of filing.

      This shows that Puki Natral skin resin is too dark for the Bisque resin of Brownies, so head swapping wouldn't really work. Besides the mechanism in the Brownies is totally different.
      spamming.. uh oh!
    2. There has been a tiny arrival here in Warrington. So please welcome Daisy! She is just delicious I am thrilled with her. I particularly love the way that sits with splayed legs just like a baby, the tiny finger nails, and the innocent little face. Just adorable!
      Thanks to Valli for having the bottle to order her and going to the trouble to send her one to me and PRGerry for showing me that I could not have a collection without her.
      Daisy is wearing my Lati White Lilly's dress which fits her perfectly in the bodice, if a little long. Oh I am itching to make teeny baby things!!! If you are teetering on the dolly fence just go for her she is amazing (I can't put her down!)
    3. Yey!!!! She made it home! I'm so very pleased to have helped you. I love her little dress. Lati White clothes fit. Isn't that brill? A bit of tweeking to the pattern and you're away.
      She is delicious. Awww....

      Check out my Flickr for more spammage. I didn't want to totally flood the board, besides, it's Daisy's turn now. The stage is yours Mimi.
    4. [​IMG]

      See how close they are?

      Ann, have your ordered? Oh goody!

      I wish I could go to your meet, but it's just a bit too far. :...(

      Fee, you can have one sooner now, perhaps.
    5. I hope he says yes. They take 8mm.

      Go have a peek at my baby's crib

    6. Don't forget to post your babies in here.

      OK I'll stop posting now.
    7. Baby Mantotine - I love her!
    8. Interesting translation on that notice there. Not terribly sure what it means, but I'm going to email them about my order. I payed on the 14th of Feb and no word yet (guessing it might take 5 weeks for US orders though since that's how long it took for Gerry's to arrive).

      I found the some sites that have baby wigs that should fit
      the last wig wispy is a 4/5 but has a 3/4 cap so it might fit with some trimming .

      Love seeing all the new pic spam. Spam on some more so I can pass the time waiting for mine.
    9. Someone said my baby was an alien. :...( What do they know. She's not a doll collector. :roar

      I mean... just look at that little face.
    10. I loved your story, Valli:D Your little ones are so sweet together:D I adore the baby's outfit! I definitely want a YoYo baby and since my birthday is coming up at the end of this month I think I ought to spoil myself:XD: I'm nervous about ordering directly from the company but I want the separate body so I can get a YoYo head to put on it. Looks like the YoYo head doesn't come with makeup so I'm trying to figure out how much the head and makeup option(which looks like it must be added to your cart separately) would be. They have some things with US dollars and all the other items are not translated so I'm not sure what the damage is gonna be yet. Anyone know how to find out? Also I wondered if those of you with a Brownie and a Small Comfort could take a comparison shot of their feet. I'm curious how the small Small Comfort's feet are^^
    11. She is the smallest fully jointed BJD, but there is a smaller one with fewer joints. Charles' Creature Cabinet Boneka Kayu is 5cm, that's 2.8 cm smaller! I'll take photos once my Kayu arrives.

      In the meantime here is a link to Small Comfort's measurements.
    12. Forgot about the feetsies...

      Sorry I have dried glue on my thumb.
    13. Oh thats fantastic! Thanks so much, Valli for taking those excellent pictures(those little teenie weenie feets! I can't even stand how cute and tiny they are:XD:) and for also letting me know about what Sonuro said:D I'm thrilled that I can get a Yoyo head on the baby body so easily:D I really would just adore a tiny handful of chubby cuteness to love:aheartbea
    14. Oh great,I'm very curious about your CCC! Thanks for the link,now I can make some clothes!:chocoberry
    15. Here is a new picture of Daisy. I have got around to making her an outfit.
      I would also like to say that I think it's great that Valli is willing to do a felix group order and any one thinking of ordering couldn't do better that go with with Valli's GO!