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Felixdoll Brownie series

Nov 29, 2007

    1. I was looking at the Felixdolls (prettyworks) at Ajumapama.

      and they have a new tiny out. (well not sure how new xD)

      Theres no pictures of the body,
      but a nice video of the head and its functions or w.e xD;

      S/he looks like a real cutie.

      Anyone else seen this doll?

      Also does felixdoll have a website?
    2. As I understand it Flexidoll is Prettyworks
      ( http://prettywork.net/english/ ), but I didn't see anything about Brownies.

      I think it's a neat design but I don't usually like dolls that small.
    3. Prettyworks closed their web store as I Know.
      and Felixdoll dose not have international homepage yet.
    4. Aww poop, i hope they will get one soon, id love to find out more about this guys. and see more pics xD I cant really tell what what face looks like but they SEEM cute hehe >w<
    5. I would think that any doll called a 'brownie' would be cute, don't you?