Fell out of love with a doll for the first time

Nov 21, 2020

    1. I feel absolutely horrible rn I had a doll on hold elsewhere (had been for almost a month) and I just fell out of love. I wasn't excited about getting her anymore, and was anxious about just spending that much money. Luckily they were super understanding about breaking the hold, but I feel so bad and like I betrayed both the doll and the seller's trust :,(
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    2. You've just said in a nutshell the reason that I never buy on impulse. Unless it's a super rare doll that is unlikely to ever show up again, in the future I encourage you to stare at owner photos online for weeks before committing to a purchase. Even then, I think that all of us who purchase multiple dolls experience the falling out of love syndrome at least once. (For me, it's usually after the doll arrives, though, lol) It was very nice of the seller to be so understanding!
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    3. Haha hello over here! (I’m the seller) Not to worry about the sale part, there is somebody else who was interested so the doll should still be going to a new home. :)

      It would have been hard for you to see any owner photos of the doll (I’m convinced I am only one of less than five people globally who own it, the tag is totally empty), so I think it’s fair enough to not be able to tell from the very limited photos out there.

      I haven’t had exactly the same situation, but I did have an awkward situation where I placed an order for Blackbox Mochi, and then... a few weeks later I just knew I absolutely did not want the doll. I had been pining for it in the years since release, and now that I was going to get it, I really didn’t want it. It was too late to cancel so the order is still on, and I will have to sell it on when it arrives. I think the doll hobby is something where you WILL make mistakes in your purchasing, and it can suck but it is also not the end of the world! You do what you can to rectify it, and move onward!
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    4. I'm so happy to hear that! I'm sure they'll give her the love she deserves! I did struggle with there being few photos, but I was so sure when I saw her! It was a shock when I realized she wasn't for me! I really appreciate you being so understanding, and I'm definitely gonna keep up with the dolls you are modding/sculpting for! No awkwardness backouts for me :3nodding:

      It was so easy for me to think that I would never find a doll I fell out of love with, but like you said it's part of the hobby! I'm definitely grateful for the experience, especially because I was pretty sure she would get another home quickly!
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    5. I felt a bit guilty about this the first time it happened. I like to have a collection that grows over time, instead of constant change. It was one I had for awhile, but it all turned out okay because I just traded it for a different doll. Sometimes I think that there's other factors that can influence those feelings, like unexpected expenses, job changes, long wait times, up-coming moves or family changes. I had a doll that didn't really fit in well aesthetically with the rest of my collection, and a role-play attempt didn't work out as well as I had hoped. It was a really cute one, but, it all was okay in the end as I traded that one away too, and was happy with what I gained from the trade. Most people that have been in the hobby for a bit are really understanding as well. Other collectors have been super nice to give me layaways, or include extras and even become my friend. I try to do that as well when I'm on the other end of a deal.That's something that happens much more easily on the forum than social media platforms as well.
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    6. I've only fallen out of love with a doll once I had it in my hands. Two were impulse buys, uncommon dolls I liked. I kept them both for a while, but since I had no idea what to do with them, they went on to new homes.
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    7. The first doll I ever fell out of love with was my third doll, a Bobobie Pixie. Up until that point, I swore I would never ever sell any BJD I ever owned. I felt horrible about it, especially as she had been a gift from family. But in the end, I just didn't enjoy her as much as I expected to and it got to a point where just looking at her was disappointing. I finally decided to rehome her after about a year and a half of trying to love her, and her new owner was overjoyed to have her! Since then, I've rehomed many dolls, as I have an ever changing crew. I no longer feel bad about falling out of love--by admitting it and moving on, I'm giving someone else a chance to love the doll.
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