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Female dolls, big boobs or small?

Jan 15, 2017

    1. so, in regards to female dolls, in finding that a lot of them have really large busts.
      I know there are some that are more flat chested, but there doesn't seem to be much of a happy medium.
      My question is, which do you prefer? Big boobs or small boobs?
      This is going to sound weird but stay with me. I'm pretty stacked in the chest, and I know what kind of pain I'm in because of it. I prefer dolls with smaller busts...because I don't want them to be in pain. What is your preference and why?
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    2. I only have one female right now and she's sort of a medium- Dollzone Helen.I also believe it depends on the character you want or need. If I had a young preteen, I'd probably go for a little smaller. And for an older character, depends on if she's a shapely lady or more willowy. Both can be beautiful.
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    3. I have only one girl... and I searched high and low for a nice (almost) flat-chested body. It actually took me quite long to buy a girl, because I didn't like how a lot of female doll bodies look. I prefer a bit boy-ish frame with medium to zero chest, so a lot of bodies with extremelly narrow waists and voluptuous breasts just don't work for me. The bodies I adore are Granado's Nuevo (which I coincindetally also own) and Dollstown 18.
      But I guess it also has a lot to do with what character for your doll you have in mind...
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    4. It depends on the character. If I'm shelling a busty character, then I need a busty shell. If she's flatter, then I need a flatter shell. That's all there is to it.
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    5. I have both. They each have their merits, though I do get particular about how larger chests look under clothes (I would rather the invisible push up bra make a large-chested girl look like she's actually wearing one when she's dressed than worry about how she looks naked).
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    6. In general I prefer smaller boobs for my female dolls because they look more natural. Plus my female characters tend to be athletic or active types and therefore more lean with smaller breasts. There are only a couple companies that make a respectable looking larger breast without it looking like two coconut halves. I am wanting at least one female busty/curvy doll but just haven't found the right one yet.
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    7. I go back and forth on it. I tend to select "medium" if I have a choice, but I do really want a flatchested MSD girl (I quite like Souldoll's small bust, and I've seen a couple of Iplehouse JID's where I've liked it as well). On the other hand, I wouldn't at all mind having a good busty girl, especially for nude photos, and have always been a huge fan of Loongsoul's foxy lady.
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    8. While I don't have a bjd yet, I notice I'm usually drawn to the smaller or medium sized busts. If I'm shelling a character, I'd choose a larger one? But as a whole, smaller and medium fit my likes a lot more.
    9. I tend to go with Medium or Small if a choice is offered... but even some of the supposedly "medium"-sized busts out there are still in serious boob-a-palooza territory, so sometimes it seems like what we really have is a choice between 'Bodacious' and 'Vast Tracts of Land' no matter what the label on the order page says. (Iple SID and EID ladies, I'm looking at you. <_<)
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    10. It depends a lot on the character I'm looking to shell, or if no character at all, then on which option looks more aesthetically pleasing to me. So far I have 5 girl dolls and my girls all have large breasts because:
      1. I got this doll to shell this character who needed larger breasts but later changed my mind so now she's stuck this way
      2. Shelling the character mentioned above, also this sculpt only has one bust size
      3. This one came with large as her default and I forgot to ask them to change it and
      4 and 5. I ordered these with the small bust but they're Loongsoul dolls so small really means large and medium/large mean how have these not exploded yet

      My mom jokes about it a lot. I think next girl doll I get I want to be flat chested though, I'm in serious need of some variety here. I considered getting just a small bust piece for my first girl too but I worry the resin might not match, and also she'd have to give up all her clothes if I did, so I decided against it in the end.
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    11. :blush
      Aesthetically, I prefer female dolls with bigger breasts. More specifically, I like mature looking sculpts with that busty femme fatale look (especially that of the Iplehouse YID, SID, EID ladies), but there are certain sculpts that I like with a flatter chest (like my JID Kassia).

      I have a handful of flat chested female dolls and those are my dolls that represent the 12 and under age group. Nothing irks me more than a female sculpt that is intended to look like a child with intentionally big and out-of-propotion mammary glands. :vein
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    12. I also have characters in mind when I'm looking for dolls, so it depends on the proportions of my character. None of my female characters are large-chested, though, so I guess smaller is my preference.
    13. I prefer medium to small, but it really depends on the character I would try to portray when I do look for dolls :D
    14. I prefer flat chested girls since it suits better with cute style/lolita style clothing.
      I have no problem finding small chested doll because I only collect tiny dolls so they tend to adopt child physique anyway.
    15. def prefer smaller busts. I find a fair few look like they strapped beachballs to their chest and look a bit uh.. dare I say it... inflatable doll-like to my eye. I don't like it, it makes me uncomfortable.
      I don't think i'd mind larger busts if they were more realistically shaped and less uh.. perky and round and over-inflated but as it stands, I tend toward the smaller busts because they just look more realistic and less sexualised.

      I don't much like plastic fake looking boobzillaz.
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    16. I've had a minifee with the glamour bust and i wasn't a fan to be honest, a medium sized to small bust is my preference ^^
      Plus it was a problem getting her into dresses and tops v.v
    17. I prefer the small to medium size bust. They seem to look better in their clothes.
    18. I prefer large busts in my dolls. I'm currently a 34DDD, so I can relate to large-busted dolls easier than small ones.
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    19. my girl has the small supia bust and i think it's such a perfect size. i generally like girl dolls with smaller busts because i'm a big fan of the androgynous look and even irl i've admired girls with straighter frames. one of my favorite girl bodies is crobi's m line maiden body! i think it's such a cute little bust. i also really like the minifee a-line cutie bust.
    20. That is my opinion, they are also easier to design and sew outfits for.
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