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Female DZ Body Measurements Needed (again)! (msd)

Mar 23, 2008

    1. I need measurements again from the shoulder to the top of the bust for the DZ female msd body. I need to attach sleeves to a cloak-like thing I'm sewing, but I need that measurement to make the piece to attatch the sleeves to. Please and thank you!

      I'm making a dress for a female DZ msd, and I have the measurements, but I need the bust, waist, and "bust to waist". Since I do not yet have my doll, I can't measure the distance. :doh The back length is 10.5cm, the waistline is 13cm, and the bust is 18cm. So would bust to waist be a few cm taken off the back length? DZ doesn't list that measurement, as I have written them all down and do not see anything close, so does anyone have a female DZ body they can measure for me or know the measurement? All I need is the distance from the top of the bust to the waist, so if anyone can find that for me, I'd greatly appreciate it! :aheartbea Please and thankyou!
    2. I just Measured my Girl and from the top of the bust to the waist is 5cm
      I hope this is what you need :)
    3. *superglomp* Thank you! Yes, it is! :aheartbea I appreciate your help!