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Female Minifee body compared to Bobobie body - what are the differences?

Jan 5, 2011

    1. I am not looking for pictures.

      Just had an odd question.
      iI am commissioning an outfit for my doll. Right now she has a Bobobie body but I have a Minifee body on the way for her.
      The outfit is getting made for the MNF body, if I kept the BBB body would it not fit?

      I always see clothes that say they are for the MNF, are they that different? What makes them so different?
    2. This might be helpful to you.
      You can also check the measurement on the BBB girl versus a Minfiee body to get how different the body is.
    3. Generally the clothes that are made "for mnf" usually just means that that product was either made specifically on a MNF with mnf dimensions, or they are using it as an umbrella term for slim msds like Unoas, mnfs, naraes, etc.
      I have not owned a bbb body, but I have owned an older RS body, and the only real difference is that they are even skinnier/more petite, so things might not fit as well...by just being a tad bit looser...but it's the best bet to find things for that body.

      Hope that helped a bit ^^;
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    4. Owning a MNF (A-line, middle bust option) and a BBB (and both mature RS girl bodies, too) I'd say that most things that look good on MNF would probably look good on a BBB, too. If the garment is REALLY tailored, you would probably need to alter it some to get the same tailored fit on the BBB body, but only because of the difference in the 'shapes' in the bodies, the locations and degrees of the curves, for the bust, waist, hips, and butt. But in general, the MNF clothes would probably look just fine on a BBB body. Now please, keep in mind, that for my MSD dolls, I pretty much make my clothes, I don't often buy clothes for them (having only ever purchased 2 shirts for one of my boys) so I don't have any purchased outfits to test this with. But in general, I know that MNF clothes can be purchased to fit the BBB and RS girls as an option that fits decently well, or only needs slight altering to fit.
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    5. I can help! I think. I have a BBB Fei--she comes on the slim BBB/Resinsoul body, like Mei, Lu, and Lan. She is about a half inch smaller all over than a Minifee. I know this because I made a custom outfit for a Minifee, and my Fei wore it when I sent the customer pictures. It still looked good; I would say it fit my BBB girl reasonably well, but was a teeny bit loose.
      If you have the chunkier Bobobie body with the 3-part torso (the one that comes with the Sprite and Ariel), it's way bigger than a Minifee, and they can't share fitted clothes--stretchy things and accessories like hats should still work, though.
    6. Thank you very much! Both of you!