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Female Minis question

Jun 8, 2009

    1. I'm awaiting a boy doll (A AoD Wang Zi to be exact) and was thinking of perhaps purchasing him a female companion. I can't really afford to right now, but I can save up, though I'm not really too keen on spending over $250 (including face-up). I'm hoping to find one that does not look like a child, but rather a teen or adult.

      What are your favourite female minis within that price range?
    2. Totally DollZone. I love Unoas and Minifee's, but they're way out of that price range XD In a lower price range, DZ is my favorite! They've got such cute girl sculpts and a new body out now too ^^

      DoC's are nice too, and have a choice of adult or child bodies, but they're a bit higher on the price range (I think $309 is what the site says? Plus there's shipping to add on then too...)
    3. Surprised you didn't notice them, but the AoD females are *ahem* quite mature... :)
    4. The Asleep Eidolon girls are cute. Kid Dollmore girls are gorgeous and are less than $250, but they have a more immature body.

      You could do a hybrid as you can get quite a few immature female bodies for not many dollars.
    5. You can try the Denver Doll Emporium, there's a wide variety of bjd companies sold there and there should be enough female minis withing that price range for you to pick one. hope that helps. :)
    6. dollzone. u could try these dolls(forgot the company) that are 38 cm. other than that, if u get the dolls nude with makeup it will only cost about 250 bucks. like Senko said, dde sells them nude with options.