Event Festiv’at Home (Online, 24th October)

Oct 18, 2020

    1. Dear BJD enthusiasts,

      In view of the LDoll cancelation: Au Pays de Pullips and Le Mouton en Sucre would like to invite you to Festiv’at Home: a virtual event created to bring exhibitors and visitors together to enjoy the hobby in these difficult times.

      Join us on the 24th of October! Participation is free for both artists and visitors.

      You can start by visiting us on our Facebook page (Festiv'at Home) or our webpage (Festiva'at Home) both of which, on the 24th at 0h00 will publish the list of exhibitors.

      You can navigate from booth to booth by a simple click, admire the creations made for the occasion and maybe even find your Christmas gifts !

      Each creator may be using different platforms, please be aware that not all shops will be open at midnight and that courtesy remains a must.

      But an event is not just about buying...

      We all love the interaction, so we have prepared a chat room on Discord that allows you to chat or speak directly with all connected members with the server link (Join the Festiv at Home Discord Server!).

      Discord can be downloaded on PC and mobile phone. It is a free app, and creating a profile is easy! We encourage you all to meet us there. Some artists will be giving live booth presentations through discord, some may be there to answer Q&A. Let’s have fun together!

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