FFXIV Lalafell inspired dolls

Dec 30, 2019

    1. I've played FFXIV for a while and one of my characters (2 actually) where Lalafells. :D
      So I was wondering if some of you had lala based dolls? If not, do you plan to, one day? (I know I would love to have a lala home!) It would be really great to see some pictures! Comparison between doll and ingame character would be amazing!
      And in your opinion, what are the sculpts that could shell a lala?
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    2. Thank you very much! She's very cute!
      I wasn't imagining this kind of doll when thinking about a Lalafell, but that's the point of this thread, to see various ways of shelling a lala! I will try to find more picture of Lemon Jelly's doll.
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    3. Here's a project journal: https://denofangels.com/threads/ffxiv-inspired-creating-little-aaron-updated-03-12.806542/

      I also play a lala! :) I keep my eye out for good body sculpts that could be a lala, but it's still early morning here and I am absolutely blanking on every single sculpt I've ever considered. :?
      I think a few Big BB sculpts were on my list, though. I'll see if I can dredge up any from my memory today!

      I do remember thinking DZ Honey and Milk Tea have very lala-esque faces, though!
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    4. Thanks for the link! Seems like some Honey Delf sculpts could work, the project you've shared is great :love
      I've got a crush on DZ Honey head since her release, but I never though about using it for a lala!! That's a good idea actually!
    5. I main a Roe but I LOVE seeing XIV inspired dolls!
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