Sales Promotion [Fifth Motif x BJDivas] New 8-Hands Set Release

Sep 14, 2018

    1. Hi everyone!

      I'm super excited to tell you guys that the long-awaited new hands set from Fifth Motif is finally available for purchase! :D :D :D

      (Please visit our website for more images of Venitu modeling the new hands because he is very naked in them. :XD:)

      I know many of you are as excited as I am about this news, but please read the below information carefully. All of it was written to address most of the commonly-asked questions both we and Mr. Cho have been receiving, as well as to guide everyone through the ordering process.

      Dollshe Craft’s casting department is casting the hands. Only the Pure resin line colors will be available for normal purchasing. Owners of Honey resin dolls can order hands in Honey resin following a special procedure (explained later).

      The new 8-hands set will mostly be stock and sale. In other words, as soon as we confirm your payment, we will give your information to Mr. Cho and your order will ship immediately. This only applies to Fresh, Oriental and Copper Oriental resin. If you want a color other than these three, you will need to pre-order them.

      The new 8-hands set is not limited. However, only a limited number will be available for immediate purchase each month due to production limitations (i.e. Mr. Cho and his brother are the only “workers” behind the Fifth Motif brand and they need time to do things other than make the hands). If you miss out on purchasing them in any given month, there will be more the following months.

      Fresh, Oriental and Copper Oriental will always be stocked. If you want a color other than these three, you will need to pre-order them.

      Unlike with the Venitu and Goohwa sales, we will serve as the sole point of purchase. Mr. Cho will only accept special orders for Honey resins from owners of Honey resin dolls, who must show him their COA to order hands in Honey resins. For all normal purchases, you must order through us. This is so that everything is streamlined and Mr. Cho can focus on production while we take care of the logistics.

      We are the only official international dealer/distributor/representative for Fifth Motif. Despite the fame of Venitu, Fifth Motif is literally a “company” of two people who work out of their own apartment. In the interest of ensuring that everyone is purchasing legitimate products, if you encounter any parties claiming to officially represent Fifth Motif, please report them to us or to Mr. Cho directly.

      All hand sets will ship from Mr. Cho in South Korea. The flat rate shipping worldwide is $30 for the complete set. When checking out with your order of the 8-hands set, please select the shipping option, “Fifth Motif Hands Set Shipping” no matter where in the world you are.

      It is possible to order individual hands, we will set up the product listing for that in the near future.

      Layaway is available, however layaway purchases will have to be pre-order.

      As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact us. :)

      If you've read all of that text, you don't have to read it again on our website, because it's the same info as on there. :kitty1

      Ordering Links:
      In Stock Sets: (PURE) Fresh
      In Stock Sets: (PURE) Oriental
      In Stock Sets: (PURE) Copper Oriental
      Pre-Order Link (for layaways and special colors)
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    2. Woah, they are gorgeous!

      Do you think the original and gesture hands will ever be for sale like this? It would be wonderful if there was an option to buy all the hands (including original and gesture) at the same time.

      Thank you!
    3. Yes, the original hands will also be available on an unlimited basis. We'll be adding them to our website later. :)
    4. Oh, fantastic! Thank you very much!