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FINAL DAY: BJD Artist Assn. Scholarships applications due 7/31

Jun 16, 2008

    1. Final reminder-- scholarship applications are due no later than tonight..
      in order to be fair to everyone, we will close applications tonight.
      Good luck everyone!

      Please read the notice below for further info. You can also email or call us with questions.

      Best wishes~~

      The International BJD Artists Association
      is proud to announce
      Second Annual Workshop Retreat- 2008

      October 3 - 5, 2008

      Workshop-Retreat Location:
      Atelier Nouveau, the new 7,000 square foot doll production studios and offices of Dollfair International.

      Berea, Ohio is a 5 minute drive from the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, in Northeastern Ohio, USA.

      Atelier Nouveau is a handicapped accessible facility with free parking.

      Attendees must be 21 years of age or over. No exceptions due to strict state laws.


      Workshop Theme: Creative Flow--
      We will sculpt BJD heads, cast and mold the heads, and then
      work on painting them.

      Retreat Theme: Private Expo--"Before and After"
      Artists can set up exhibits showing their
      before and after works and drafts, along with a finished or nearly finished piece.

      Our Distinguished Guest Instructors:

      Pat Lillich, BJD Head Sculpting

      Donn Kinney, Bishonen House
      assisted by Dreux Priore, EggAnGel
      3-day casting and molding extravaganza

      LilyKoi Designs, airbrush face painting

      PLUS: Special guests to be announced.... .

      (all times include breaks and meals
      and are approximate, due to the event's flowing activities)

      Friday, October 3

      10 am - 2pm (this will most likely go later)

      Pat Lillich-- Sculpting the BJD Head.
      Pat is a member of NIADA, and is an extremely gifted BJD sculptor.
      Using an SD-sized form, Pat will guide you through the process and theory of sculpting a head for the BJD. Sculpy will be used, and then heated in ovens on the premises. By the end of the session, you will have a master head ready to mold and cast.

      2-6pm (estimate this will start quite a bit later and go into the evening)
      Beginning Molding and Theory, Part One,
      Donn from Bishonen House with Dreux Priore, EggAnGel
      Donn is best-known for his wonderful Bishonen House BJD's, which he sculpts and produces entirely from his US-based studio. His background in Hollywood special effects and art launched his expertise in casting and molding. Dreux Priore, his assistant this weekend, is the official Bishonen House costumer. Dreux owns EggAnGel, a boutique for innovative BJD couture.

      Discuss various mold making materials, equipment, and techniques (parting lines, vents, multi-part molds etc.) We will then build up the our clay parting line mix silicone and pour the first section of our head molds.

      Dinner (break as needed, and then continue working)
      Yes, we will be able to stay late to accommodate those who wish to work into the evening.

      Saturday, October 4

      Sat- 10-6 ,
      Beginning Molding and Theory, Part Two

      We will remove our clay dividers, add release agents then pour the second half of our silicone molds. While we wait for the second half of our mold to set up we will discuss the various ways of creating core molds and the technique we will be using. After the second half of out molds have set up we will open up our molds remove our sculpts, create our clay buildups for our cores add release agents then pour the final parts of our molds creating a hollow head mold and a head-cap mold.
      Lunch (breaks as needed)

      Dinner (breaks as needed)

      Saturday evening event:

      Steampunk Ball and BJD Rave

      socializing and BJD mini events through the evening.
      Dress up, dance, and have fun.
      Sunday, October 5

      Sunday, 10-2

      Casting 101

      We will open up our finished molds, discuss casting and different types of resin and pigmentation. Learn proper mixing and pigmentation techniques and cast copies from our molds.


      2pm - 4pm
      LilyKoi Designs Airbrush Painting ,

      Nina from LilyKoi Designs based in USA is well-known for innovative and exotic painting and modifications of BJD's.
      Airbrush painting of heads with LilyKoi Designs.

      Farewell Feast

      Cost for 3-day event: $250

      Tuition includes lunches and dinners, and Saturday events. Basic supplies for classes are also included, such as molding materials, resin, Sculpy, and some paints. We will have some basic sculpting tools on hand, but request if you have any of your own preferred sculpting tools, paints and brushes, that you bring your own. You are also required to bring your own respirator, masks, gloves, and protective glasses. We will attempt to accommodate special diets but cannot guarantee it-- please ask, don't assume we will have it!:fangirl:

      Per diem rate: $100, depending on availability. We encourage artists to attend all three days in order to learn as many skills as possible. Contact us if you can only attend for one day, and we will let you know if we have space after the full time registrations are processed. Due to the success of last year's event, we are very close to full.

      Contact us with your interest at: registration@bjdartists.com
      Registrations will be limited to keep the group small. We will give preference to those who attended the 2007 event, and will contact you by July 15 or earlier to notify you of a successful registration. If you attended in 2007, we will contact you shortly to determine your interest.

      Three scholarships are announced:

      The Bishonen House Scholarship

      The Pat Lillich Scholarship

      The LilyKoi Designs Scholarship

      Scholarships award free tuitions to three selected winners.

      Criteria for selection:

      1. You must be free to attend all three days: Friday, October 3- Sunday October 5 events.

      2. Please send us a selection of your work by email or mail. Emailed and mailed entries must be received by July 31, 2008. Winners will be selected and announced on August 15, 2008.

      3. Scholarships are not transferrable.

      4. Judges' decisions are final. We hope to offer more future events, with scholarships.
      If you absolutely must attend, we urge you to make a normal paid registration. We will refund your payment should you win a scholarship to the event.
      To enter the scholarship competition:

      1. Please send us samples of your best work in either .JPG, .GIF or TIFF formats to:

      Note: we will not use your samples for any other reason other than for judging the competition. We will not exhibit them or display them for any reason. The designs and images will remain your property.

      Also include the following information:
      Your name:

      Your DOA nick or Joint Nick:

      Tell us about your BJD art, and why you would like this opportunity:
      Please confirm you can attend on these dates: October 3, 4, 5, 2008 and that you are at least 21 years of age.

      To send your application by mail, please send the above info along with printed examples of your work. Please do not send samples of actual dolls or sculptures. Also, please note we are not open to the public and cannot accept in-person applications.

      But please remember we still need these by July 31, 2008.

      BJD Artists Association
      c/o Atelier Nouveau - Dollfair
      792 West Bagley Road
      Berea, Ohio 44138

      No Exceptions: Only those 21 years of age or older are permitted to attend.

      Basic Information:
      Our mission:
      Through our events and resources, we endeavor to bring international artists together to learn from each other, gain peer support, and further creativity and originality.

      Registration will be very limited, and will be for those 21 and over only.
      Email us with your interest in registering at:
      registration@bjdartists.com You will be contacted in early July if we can accept your registration.

      The International Association for Ball Jointed Doll Artists is a not for profit organization.

      It is sponsored as a service to support and promote independent doll artists internationally. Our group has no political statement and promotes no individual company or country associated with dollmaking.

      (if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email. Please do not PM me here, as I am out of town working on doll production. The studio staff will be on hand this week, to answer your emails. Thanks! -Catrina)

      Discussion and comments here.
    2. Bump for registration emails-- we had one person not receive theirs, yet we did send it. Please contact us if you had asked to be registered.

      Scholarship applicants-- we have three full tuition scholarships with applications due by 7/31. Please don't forget to send in your application.
    3. Bump for final day to apply for a scholarship to this event. In order to be fair to all, we cannot extend this deadline.

      Thanks and good luck everyone!