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Dec 6, 2008

    1. Today is the final day in our ordering period for these gorgeous new girls


      ~free shipping to you direct from Korea~




      Lina and Lana come with two sets of magnetic ears: The Elf or Human.
      The ears attach easily to the head with magnets.

      Lina and Lana are 58cm.
      Price $600 default
      Facepainting by Supia artist Kim Yu Jin is $50 in the styles above.

      Christmas Lina: $750

      Regular Default Rosy, Roda, Dreaming Roda 58cm, and 43cm Minisupia Yan and Yisol
      are also available during this ordering period at special low prices thanks to the strong US Dollar! Check out our great prices and see!

      Shipping is Free, direct from Korea.

      Resin choices are beauty white or normal beige.
      (Previous French resin and Tanned versions do not include UV stabilizer,
      and are not available at this time.)

      Ordering period is December 6 - 14, 2008 at www.supiadolls.com
      We have been working with Supia now for nearly 3 years. It is our pleasure to bring Kim Yu Jin's dolls to the international collectors.
      Customer service is in English, French or a little Japanese (Osaka-ben daijobu-yo!)
      Payment Methods: Visa, Mastercard, Telecheck, Paypal, Bank Wire, Money Order, or bank draft check. We are a Paypal certified business with 100% good feedback on Ebay for over 10 years.
      Phone customer service: 440-625-6120
      Eastern Standard Time, noon- 6pm M-F
    2. Catrina, is this the same slim body as before or a new one? Is it possible to post a pic with the two faces side by side to see the differences? :) What is the exact head circumference, please? The heads look rounder than Roda.

    3. I dont understand, it says free world wide shipping but when I tried to put Rosy in the shopping chart it added shipping. It was only to USA it was free..*_*
    4. Hi Innocentia,
      If you choose the "free shipping" in the drop-down menu, it is good for worldwide free shipping. Please try again :fangirl:

      If you need additional assistance, please email us at service@dollfair.com

      Tusen takk...

      Hi Gabriele,
      The body for Lina and Lana is the same as for Rosy and Roda.

      I believe the head circumference is 8".. I'm going to check that for you.

      And I will see if I can make a side by side comparison photo for you today.

      Appreciate your interest,
    5. Oh, I love Lina so much! I wish I could afford her. Is she a holiday special only, or will she still be available in the spring once I can save up for her?
    6. Thank you for your question.

      The basic edition will be available in Spring, but not the Christmas Lina. Perhaps by then, Supia will have created some new limiteds then too.

      Many thanks for your interest

      For more information, please visit Supia Dolls International--> www.supiadolls.com
    7. Here is a new picture of Lina, dressed as a Goddess...
      We aren't sure if this will be an upcoming new edition, but we think so!

    8. I found the link to the human/elf Lina on their site, but where is Lana? I'm really interested in her and can't find the page for her. Can you post the link?

      EDIT: Nevermind. As per Murphy's law, as soon as I ask the question, I found the answer on my own.
    9. OH those are so gorgeous and the option ears are just what I'm looking for. Are we able to order heads only? Lina in white skin is perfect for what I want. Oh please, I hope so, because I have a body already and want to find that perfect head and this is close to the look I could ever find that wouldn't require modding. I'd so buy a head in a heart beat, even if the head is a little more than average cost lol XD especially since it would come with 2 sets of ears. *crosses fingers*
    10. Hi there Ayperi,
      I'm sorry but Supia does not sell the heads separately. There is a Dreaming Roda separate head, but it's for the Roda owners who want a different look.

      Sorry about that!

      Isabeau and Lolawants-- many thanks and good luck!

    11. Here's a reminder that today is our final day in this ordering period.

      Free worldwide shipping from www.supiadolls.com

      And we wish you all happy holidays and a wonderful 2009...