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FINAL DAY: Limhwa Girls pre-order: High Heels New LIMHWA2 girls

Nov 15, 2007

    1. Hi everyone,
      This is the final update for the new Limhwa Dolls, located at www.limhwa.com

      Here are the answers to all your questions! See my last post on this thread for comparison photos of normal beige and beauty white urethane resins.

      1. You will get FREE high heel feet along with normal flat feet with ANY Limhwa 57 purchase in this ordering period. This means: New Eva, Half Elf, Human, or Dreaming Half Elf.

      2. Dreaming Half Elf face is going to be limited, and will cost $220 US as an optional part order.
      The artist requests only those who own a current Limhwa 57 girl buy one. The face is interchangeable between Eva, Half Elf, and Human.

      3. NEW Urethane resin choices: Limhwa is offering the following resin choices for Limhwa 57 girls: Beauty White Urethane, Pinky Normal Beige Urethane (seen below used with Eva), Pinky White French resin.

      4. High Heel Feet can be ordered by current owners of Half Elf or Human for $50 US.

      5. New sale begins on November 20 and will end by November 27. We will be forced to end the sale before November 27 should our allowance of dolls be sold out. If you want to get into this order, please don't wait because we anticipate closing the sale quite early. We cannot take layaway orders on this period.

      Happy Holidays from Limhwa Doll International and Limhwadoll Korea.

      We appreciate your support and love of Jung Ji Youn's art.

      NEW HIGH HEEL FEET-- for Limhwa 57 girls: Eva, Half Elf, Human and Dreaming Half Elf.

      OTHER NEWS: ALL Limhwa 57 girls will now be offered in the same pinky-normal beige urethane as you see in Eva's pictures, beauty white urethane, and pinky white French resin. It will be your choice.

      :aheartbea LIMHWA II.. 57cm "Eva"





      :aheartbea NEW DREAMING HALF ELF.. 57cm


      xx oo:fangirl:

      discussion thread here
    2. High heel feet update bump.

      We hope to have the final update in the next couple days, at which time we will open up the holiday sale.

      Thanks for your interest!

    3. Final info bump.

      We hope to open this new pre-order on the web site as early as midnight tonight. www.limhwa.com

      If you have any questions, please drop by the discussion thread and I'll do my best.
    4. Do you have other pic on I can see the beige urethane?
      I would like to see beige urethane without professional sesion light.
    5. Here you go!
      I have two Limhwa ForYou in normal beige and beauty white urethanes.
      These are the same resins that will be used for all the Limhwa 57 girls--
      Eva, Half Elf, Dreaming Half Elf and Human.

      First, let's look at beauty white:

      Next, normal beige. This is taken in regular window light. No fancy lights : - )


      Hope that helps!

      P.S. These ForYou are looking for new homes if you click my banner. :fangirl:
      Thanks everyone.
    6. Is UV stabalizer being used now in the French resin? Also, which color, normal beige or beauty white, is closer in color to the orginal French resin?

    7. The pinky normal beige is the color of the resin used in Eva's photos, and that is urethane. That one is the closest to the original resin used. The French resin is virgin at this point.
    8. This is the last day for the Limhwa 57 girls sale, including the Eva, Half Elf or Human face, high heeled feet and optional Dreaming Half Elf face.

      Many thanks for your enthusiastic support!