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FINAL DAY LIMHWA ORDER OPEN- - All dolls & resin colors

Mar 26, 2009


      International ordering is through http://www.limhwa.com

      Prices are now much lower, due to the great exchange rate lately.

      If you are new to Limhwa Doll please take a look at this awesome artist's beautiful dolls. She makes each one personally for each doll owner.

      Her most famous creations are the Limhwa girls:
      The Half Elf, Human, Eva, Luna and Dreaming Half Elf. Here are a few comparisons:


      Discussion thread for Luna, her newest girlis here

      Mano Elf, Tanned Mano Elf available


      Limhwa Limho Mano (non Elf) in tanned or regular resins


      Half Elf, Human, Eva, Dreaming Half Elf



      44cm Tanned or regular resin LIMHO MONO

      (tanned Limho Mono owned and photographed by LeeAnn B)

      And here is tanned Limhwa ForYou, a 43cm mature mini girl with two bust choices- large and small


      Let us know if you have any questions. Our email is service@dollfair.com
    2. Hi everyone...

      Just a reminder that today is the final day for Limhwa's ordering period. We will close it at midnight so we can send in the orders promptly.

      Many thanks for your support of Limhwadoll Korea.

      Best wishes...