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Finding a wig for Dollshe Hound? Size?

Jul 1, 2005

    1. i intend to get a hound for my b-day and i wanted to know what kinds of wigs fit him, does he just wear normal SD size?

      this may be a dumb question but i just want to make sure before i go and buy something that doesn't fit.

    2. so far I have use Poshdoll wigs - I always go for those :D
      I think Im a Poshdollsadict
      they are SD size ,they fit fine , but they have a nice elastic hem s they dont slip about
    3. ok, i'll look into that! thanks!

    4. I'm getting my very first SD and after much mulling over, I've finally decided on a Hound. I'm ordering him from eLuts and was considering on getting a wig when I figured that eLuts wigs are probably not the best choice for Hounds. (Even though some of them looks gorgeous) I would like to know people's opinions about this though.

      So then I decide that the best pace for wigs was Tensiya. Problem is I'm a complete noob at this ordering online thing. Tensiya has 3 choices, and since credit card and paypal is out for me, how does the last choice work? Is it exactly like the wire transfer eLuts has? Your help would be much appreciated. ^^
    5. Hi there

      I'm wondering if any of you know where I can get a wig like the picture below (courtesy of Glass Orion.co.jp) or a wig which has similar look and furry quality for my Hound?

      I love the stringy look and the double colour. I am willing to pay commision works as well.

      THanks guys!



    6. ^-^ You can get these sorts of wigs from the Tensiya shop itself. http://www.tensiya.com (I had my eye on the white-blonde one hehe)

      Also I think any 9/10 inch size wig would fit a Hound ^-^ From what I'm told - my boy isn't here yet, hehe.

      Good luck!
    7. Leeke wigs fit H wonderful
      I have some fur ones for sale but havent updated my site yet , so it will be sometime over the weekend
    8. before you decide to buy a wig from tensiya. have a look at dollndoll.com collection of wigs.
    9. <shameless plug>

      Reve en Poupee can make any wigs on our website for any size you want. :grin: From Fashiondoll to human heads~! :D


      Thank you!!!!! :D
      </shameless plug>
    10. My hound, Grimm, wears a Volks SD wig... I don't see why a Luts wig would be a problem, they all look very beautiful, and they should fit.
    11. Hi hi ^-^' Just as an aside, you may add me to what I am sure if a very long list of Grimm fangirls. ^-^''

      And more on topic ~... What size wig do you tend towards... 8/9 or 9/10? ^-^''
    12. I got my Hound through Luts, and he wishes always to wear Luts wig 'DW-16' for Delf in B.Gray. It looks great on him.

      The blond & black versions of the wig don't look nearly so well on him, though I should try them again, now that his face is painted.
      My Dollmore Dean has snagged the DW-16 black wig now, anyway.

      Ann in CT
    13. Hey guys and dolls

      Just wondering on the eluts.com website, which wigs would fit a Hound doll? Would that be only all the "wigs for DELF" ones? I suppose Cutie Delf won't fit?

      Thanks for your help!
    14. I think there is a link somewere about, :grin:
      but the Search never worksd for me

      but Cutie are way to small :grin:
    15. *nods* any ones that fit their Delf dolls, Shiwoo, Chiwoo, Yder, El, etc, should fit Hound as well.
    16. Not sure if there's a better place to ask this (and sorry for bringing up an old topic), but will wigs from Tensiya fit DELFs?
    17. Any SD sized 9/10 wig will fit him.

      I have CanCan, Volks, Luts, Reve en Poupee (which is his fave), Posh and Azizza. They all fit him just fine.

      Shoes for Hound are whats difficult to find, wigs are easy :)
    18. But Hounds have slightly smaller heads than Delfs so a wig made for a Hound might be slightly too small for a Delf? (ie: better too big than too small.)

      Thanks for your reply. ^^
    19. Yes, it's possible that a wig made specifically for hound might be too small for other dolls. I don't buy wigs just for Hound, I just buy standard 9/10's for him so the dolls can share :)
    20. i ordered wigs from tensiya.... i think thats wat u call one stop shopping.... hahaha :D