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Finding BJDs in the strangest places

Nov 29, 2007

    1. Have you ever been somewhere, and though you might not think of it conciously, but if asked, admit that you would never expect to find a BJD there, and then, suddenly... there one, or some reference to one, is?

      For instance, at my University, which is very far north and very small, I saw a girl wearing a dog tag necklace with a picture on it - which isn't so odd. Until I realized that it was an El on the dogtags.

      I also teach at a small rural high school, and in the front foyer, the art classes have a rotating art display. For the last two weeks, one of the portraits is of a girl with white hair, and very unique proportions - her smile and face remind me so much of a Dollzone girl that I don't think it's coincidence.....

      Have you ever found BJDs in the very last place you would ever expect to find them?
    2. Oh I went to the rain forest cafe in down town disney and the women walked in with an ornge haired doll....So i made an exsucie to use the rest room and go find her. I found her and the doll....I dont rember witch one it was but it was a BJD!
    3. OMG! I live in a backwards backwater town in utarded, and my friend who thinks BJD's are creepy, was talking to a girl who has one! IT WAS SO RANDOM.
    4. i just got back from disney's epcot. and while taking pictures one of the employees selling light up things near the outpost called out and asked what molds my resins were. she was getting a dod. :) actaully i'm now loading up pics from the trip.
    5. I was at a clothing store called The Mission(cool gothy punk fashions) and as I was checking out I saw two pocket books with pictures on them...a Volks Sara and the other one I couldn't tell. So I bought the Volks one>.<

    6. I totally forgot another case... I was talking to my best friend's roommate one day, I can't remember what about, and somehow it got to my asking what she was getting for Christmas.

      And to my surprise, she chirped: "A doll, it's from a company called Luts, I doubt you've ever heard of it..."

      And I had to croak: "I've been drooling over MNF Shiwoo, actually..."
    7. :aangel: Hmm.... well, I can safetly assume that I am the only person in the Morgan county area of Alabama that has BJDs. So, unfortunately, I haven't randomly ran into BJD stuff. :( Though, I think that if I randomly saw someone with a BJD in my area, I would probably die of a heart attack. Ya know, after power glomping the person :sweat
    8. X3 nv.. hehe posted wrong
    9. Change "Morgan" to "Montgomery," in my case. I don't get to see any BJDs in person other than my own (save at Dragon*Con, where I see at least one roaming around). There have to be more than just the two of us in this state, right? D=
    10. A while back, when I was still in Japan, I used to go to a really small (like 8m&#178; maybe XD) and kinda unnoticable videogame shop. And one day when I stood at the counter to pay for my things there was a Volks SD girl (don't remember the mold) sitting right behind the counter, on a shelf. She was so pretty, and I actually think she belonged to one of the girls working there.
    11. My friend and I went to a tea store to get tea, and were talking about how we had to have a tea party with my doll. (Soon to be dolls.) My Mum said something about them being bjds, and the girl behind the counter went "Oh, bjds? Alot of my friends have those."
    12. Well considering that for a while there were only three BJD owners in the whole country - and we were spread into three cities quite far from each other, I didn't expect to run into BJDs around here...at all^^

      Then our little community's next member came....and wonder of wonders....she's studying at my ex-school!! As we say around here: The world is small (now I need to find a fellow collector at university, too XD)
    13. The other day I went to borders to check out a fantasy photoshop magazine I always read, ImagineFX, and someone had taken a photo of BJD and painted hair and clothing on it. I was really surprised :D
    14. This might be OT and not quite as unlikely to find a BJD at but in the korean drama "Hello My Teacher" there is a girl constantly carrying around a doll with her. ^^
      In this music video there is a HUGE one! I'm very curious about it so if anyone knows anything please do tell. :D
    15. This summer, I first had some email contact with the chinese exchange student who is going to live with us for a year. I never spoke about my dolls with her, but then I added her to my msn messenger, and she had a volks SD-girl as her display picture o: I was soo surprised XD I thought she might think my hobby was really weird... But it turned out she really like them too and wants one *-* ((she always thought the only ones you could get were japanese and super expensive, so she was delighted when I showed her some chinese brands xD))

      And she calls them my "doors", at first I had no idea what she meant but now I've learned to understand chinese english xD
    16. I was very suprised to find that a shop where I live sells purses, wallets, card holders (and a few other stuff that I can't remember) with bjds on them :)

      I've been tempted to buy them but they're really expensive :(
    17. I assume there are people near me with BJDs, but I've only ever seem them at anime conventions (which I expect...) >.<
    18. I also live in a town (And I suspect a state also) with no BJD's. I've never seen one, except from pictures...
    19. haha yeah so the most weirdest place I have found something bjd related was at this popular clothing store in Australia called general pants one of the big brands just released a men's shirt with a naked bjd/blythe heart collage on it.. I actually swore really loud when I saw it.. hence making all the boys glare at me.. of course I had to get it because it's hilarious so I put it on laybuy I will make sure I post a photo up here of it when I get it out.:sweat
    20. Aha, in China, while shopping at some 2 yuan stores, I found a wallet and this little clear keychain with dollfies on it! I was floored and immediately bought them.

      Also, I was just randomly talking to someone while at my job, and the subject went to RPing and suddenly, it came on the subject of dolls! It turned out that she actually had a friend with an El and she was planning on buying a Chiwoo! I did not expect that at all. ^_^