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Finding clothing for an Elf - Elven clothing

Jun 14, 2007

    1. Not sure if I'm in the right spot for this rant but does anyone else have trouble finding the right style of clothing for their dolls? I have a 06' Juri boy (and soon to have 07' Na-nu-ri) which of course are both elves...and I can't seem to find any clothing for them that suits them. Mostly everything out there is gothic, refined, asian, or casual.....I just don't picture them in suits, leather, kimonos or jeans and a t-shirt. I know alot of people make their own clothing but I just don't have the time or patience for that....not to mention that I can't sew :sweat So, does anyone know where you can buy clothing that isn't so..."modern" ...I don't really know how to put it:doh They are both forest elves if that helps...so yeah....any help is much appreciated!
    2. check out 'elf' and 'elven' in the marketplace under clothes, and also under accessories, I know there are a couple of people who make wonderful elvish clothing. Can't offhand think of names but there's atleast two.
    3. Have you looked on the forums for customisable stuff? Im ordering some stuff from there that is elvin in appeance. Look under Seamstress in the marketplace forums, there are a couple of people who make elf looking gear on the first page.
    4. I used to have that problem too! Then I bit the bullet and chalenged my sewing abilities. XD I'm not great, but the stuff I make is alright for me boys. ^_^ It took me a few times to get things to work though, but now I'm planning on opening a shop. *nods*

      I know there are a few people on DoA that make elfy stuff or people you could commission. *nods*

      Now I have problem fiding fabrics or designing new stuff for them that fits them perfectly. x.x;;
    5. cool beans! thanks folks - your awesome!! :daisy
    6. So, I just ordered an Elfdoll Sooah Polaris, and I was wondering if there were any sites out there that have Medieval/Elven/Fantasy dresses/gowns (like the ones in LoTR) for 60cm dolls? (or in this case, 58cm Elfdolls). I'm on a budget, so I can't afford anything TOO expensive. I can't sew, so that's not an option for me. ^^;;
      It's just so HARD finding a place that seems promising. I've spent all day looking. -sigh-

      Thanks to anyone who offers help. :3

      EDIT: As a side note, if there is already a thread like this out there that I'm currently not aware of, please feel free to remove/delete this post. ^^;;
    7. DoA member Azurielle makes gorgeous elven and medieval style clothes, though I'm not sure if her commissions are "open" at the moment. I have two lovely gowns from her, one of which is actually an "Arwen" gown. They are very reasonably priced, too. :daisy
    8. Azurielle seems to still be making gowns and elf-themed clothes. Sylphide sometimes makes gowns. PamSD also has gowns and medieval dresses, off and on. And there are others who do Lord of the Rings cosplay... but they don't all do commissions or have slots or clothes available...

      Otherwise, it's hard to find elf/fantasy clothes. It's MUCH worse looking for clothes for boys. I'd LOVE to hear more suggestions, too! I'm always looking for elf-y clothes, since I have a ton of elves of all sizes! Fortunately for me they don't insist on dressing elf-like all the time...
    9. Hmm, it seems all the customizers make elven GIRL clothes, my personal fave is Sylphide. For boys, Wicked Stitchery may be of some help, but I don't know if he's open for commission right now. He's made some wonderful elven boy ensembles in the past.

      All my dolls are elves, and all girls, but I have had elven boys in the past. One wore cute loli-boy clothes, but the serious one wore a linen tunic and trousers that I sewed myself. Nothing fancy, but it worked for awhile!

      Good luck!
    10. Did you make your own patterns or did you find them online?