Finding old company stock photos?

Dec 29, 2015

    1. For those of us who have been in the hobby for a while, sometime it can be fun to remember the old days, or go back to those very first dolls we ever saw that captured our heart. But sometimes the doll is no longer on the company website. Or worse, sometimes the company is no longer even around.

      I know there's no central database of all company stock photos, but I wonder, is it possible to somehow still find old stock photos even if Google doesn't have them? Personally, I'm on the hunt for stock photos of Glorydoll's boy body, though it sadly doesn't seem to be around anymore. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to see some of these photos from way back when.
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    2. I don't know what to tell you to help, but I do understand where you're coming from!

      My first doll was an AoD Chen, back in 2007. I fell in love from his stock photos. That mold has been updated at least twice since then, and their current Chen looks absolutely nothing like mine.
    3. Aw, that stinks! But I'm glad I'm not totally crazy!

      I've since learned a couple more of my dolls also have bodies that don't seem to be around anymore (Aria Dolls 14/16 bodies, MSDoll and DreamingDoll) and it's honestly kind of baffling that there aren't at least photos still floating around somewhere. I thought the internet was forever! I'm sad too, since it means a project I'm working on probably won't ever be complete :(
    4. It would be cool to have a database of old company photos, especially for those companies that no longer exist. I'm sure plenty of people have hoarded these photos over the years! I saved some pictures from Luts that aren't there anymore, like a couple outfits and Hound photos from when they sold Dollshes. I think I also saved a bunch of old photos from Dream of Doll! Sadly I did not save any of Glorydoll's pictures, even though I loved them and I own a Louis. I'm surprised Google can't find them... maybe they can be dug up with just the right search words?
    5. I'd like to see Unidoll's old photos, particularly Kaito and Selina.
    6. There's the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine. This is a website that is able to show you old versions of websites. Not all of the sites will show, but I've found the Luts website from 2006, and the Happydoll website that you're able to fully browse.

      It's not much, but it might help.
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