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Finding pants and other clothing for Unidoll Real boys?

Mar 21, 2007

    1. Since his thigh are tooooo Musclar... I really don't know which kind of pants he can wear....
      You jace owner.. could you please tell me where your clothes come from? ^^
      Has anyone ever bought any clothes for him from online doll company?
    2. I don't have Jace, but have been told by a couple people that do that he can wear some pants made for Hound. They'd probably have to be on the looser side, and of course, they'd be too long, but that might be a good start.
    3. He has indeed got big thighs. ;) Victor (my Jace) is wearing (Model Doll sized) jeans from Dollmore; they have a baggy style, so they fit him quite comfortably, and they are the right length, just bunching up slightly around his ankles. :D
    4. Thank you so much!!!
      And Rei, could you please post some pics about your Victor wearing those pants? >< I'd LOVE to see which kind of pants you bought!!
    5. As soon as I get home from work, I will take some pictures and post them. ^-^ (I have only taken pictures of his head and shoulders! :lol: )
    6. Thank you so much!! ><
      Many "love"s to you and your handsome Victor ^^ LOL~!
    7. So far the only pants my Lachlan has worn are the leather Hound ones from Tensiya (with the opening down the front connected by chains)--they fit him comfortable because they're a bit big (but they're *sooo not his style* and he's let me know this quite poignantly *lol*) He does have a pair of homemade hakama pants that were fitted to DOT size, the length is great, but again, they're hakama pants, so they're supposed to be BIG and loose. :P

      Sorry, not much help ^_^
    8. Sorry about the pics being a little grainy - my Dad has the good camera! :lol: But you can see the amazing jeans (and the shoes that fit! \^-^/) which is what's important! Here we go then!;



      They are these ones; http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=1796
    9. Thank you for your kind information, Lachlana!! ><

      And Rei, you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO kind!!! And your Victor is sooooooo handsome^^
      That pant is amazing!!! And I LOVE his shirt... where on the planet did you get it??
    10. :D I made the shirt for him myself!

      (Hound pants will fit him if they have a baggy style, but his body is much bigger than a Hound's, and Jaces are not as willowy as Hound. ^-^ So you have to make him shirts.)
    11. I read somewhere on this board he fits into Volks SD16 pants perfectly.
    12. My Jace is wearing the PERFECT fit Volks SD16 Joe's Dream Uniform trousers. They are wonderful on him. He's not fitting into any of my SD13-sized pants because of the thighs - will fit into the Dollshe-sized pants but they are quite long.
    13. Rei- Could you tell me where you got the shoes in the picture?
    14. Sure! They're from Dollmore; Model Boy shoes. Jace feet are a little too long and too wide for SD13 shoes, but their Model Doll (guy) shoes fit just fine. :)
    15. I bought a pair of dollmore pants for my Jace. They fit well enough... just a little long and a little loose in the waste.

      Also, if you can get a hold of the Latidoll Aida Full Set boots, they fit great as well!
    16. I did some measuring and trying-on for a friend last night. Long-sleeve SD shirts were a tad short in the arm, and decidedly tight over the shoulders (it's not just his front tht is bulky, but the upper back is quite muscle-packed and tends to pull collars back and down). HOWEVER, I tried on several shirts, jackets, and tees for Hound, and they fit him quite well, except long sleeves were a bit too long.

      AND Jace's right hand has the fingers splayed so much that tight sleeves can't get over them. But other than that, the Hound fit was fine. Jace is much more muscular than Hound, but Hound is bigger and taller, so the musculature itself, or lack of, is deceiving.

      Overall, beachgirlnikita's short sleeve tees were nice on both, since she sizes to be a little loose on an SD and still fit a Hound.

      Hound slacks fit fine on Jace, again, except for the length. Anything that is very short in the crotch for Hound will be extra short in the back for Jace when sitting, because of his "double-butt syndrome".

      I do have pics, too!
    17. Right now Marsh and I are collaborating to get her leather pants to fit Jace--I'd keep an eye on her thread if anyone's interested ^_^
    18. I'm waiting for my first boy, Janus, a handsome Unidoll Jace.

      I wonder wich clothes will fit him better: Hound clothes, SD16 clothes, some SD13 ones......

      Any of those who live with a Jace can give me some help?

      Thanks in advance :P