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Finding Patterns for Pocket Fairies?

Dec 27, 2006

    1. D: i've managed to kinda judge and make some on my own, but has anyone found a good...i unno... i guess substitute that would work on PF's?

      I found some links in the Help section for orientdoll, but they dont seem to work too well for my PF. D:
    2. Petite Playhouse, Wee Patsy, and Zapf Mini World outfits supposedly fit Pocket Fairy pretty well. I did a quick search and did not locate any patterns for these, but you could watch for cheap or damaged clothes on Ebay and undo the seams, then create pattern pieces from them.

    3. Dolly Dolly 9 and Dollybird 5 had patterns for pocket fairies. Sorry I don't remember what they were though.
    4. D: i also looked up to see that some of the barbie/kelly doll patterns fit PF's too.

      i tried making patterns out of old doll clothes, but everything comes out all weird when i make a pattern u_u;;
    5. Kelly patterns do NOT fit pocket fairy. Your best bet would be the dollybird or dolly dolly books. They do have many patterns in them. And some great ideas.

      My first pocket fairy knit book will be out in a few weeks, not before February 2007 though.

    6. D: thats kinda weird Mary-lee, i have some Kelly clothes that fit my PF_Liu just fine =\

      *confused* xD and i'd love to see your book, but sadly for me XDD i cant croche or knit or whatever you call it. XD; last time i tried i ended up stabbing myself in the eye with a needle. XO~!
    7. I agree with Mary-Lee

      Patterns for Kelly/Shelly wont fit PFs
      they will fit Orientdoll better

      some of the DollyDolly magazines have PocketFairy outfits ..Im not sure which magazines off hand , but they have them ;)

      I dont think there are any patterns available to buy ?
      but what Carolyn S suggested is a great idea
    8. alright cool then. XD

      im gonna go rip some stuff up and see if i cant make any patterns for PF's for DOA.

      D: i know there are orient patterns out there, but how much would you have to scale it to fit PF's?
    9. Oh sorry, I missed this yesterday. The Kelly dolls I have (about 1,000 of them) are all 4.5 inches tall, PF, my Yoko is about an inch taller. I bet some larger dresses would fit, but not many. I do have thousands of outfits for Kelly, and have written 7 books with patterns for her, but nothing will fit Yoko PF. I would enlarge any Kelly patterns about 20-30% to get them to fit.

      I also understood that Kelly and Pocket fairy were the same size - until I bought my Pocket fairy!!

      Anything knit or of jersey fabric could possible stretch to fit. But most would be too short or narrow.

      I am working on pocket fairy pants tonight, with some matching sweaters. I will count the stitches and rows and let you know the percentage of difference.

      The OD So dolls need to be just a wee bit longer to fit (Kelly clothes that is) and Lilica is a PERFECT match to Kelly, even the shoes fit!!

      Hope that helps, more info once I write it down. Most times I just make things out of my head rather than write them down.

    10. thanks mary-lee. XD this is great. :D please do write some info down! XD <3 it would be so much help to know! ^__^ <3
    11. Dollybird 5 has two, a school outfit and a nightgown plus cap. Dolly*Dolly 9 has sleeveless dress and a lolilita style headband with bunny ears .
    12. omg D: that sounds adorable! where can i find those? D:

      okay so i found that DOllybird 5 is pretty easy to find, its around 25 dollars to buy it. (im not sure how much shipping is)

      but the dolly dolly 9 i can only find on japanese sites! like on amazon.com/jp.

      D: can you order from there and have them ship to the USA? T_T;
    13. There are also patterns with one piece bunny suits, you can change the ears. I bought several - about 15 books last month, and can't get over how well they are done. The patterns are hard to follow only because all the print is in Japanese, but the books are great. Even have a few MY FAVORITE DOLL books for more Barbie sized patterns.
      I live in Canada, and have found many online through ebay etc, and they ship here.
    14. you can order them of Kinokuniya Book store in Seattle and they also have most of the books in stock. Here is the information. I go there about every 2 weeks, if they won't ship.
      525 South Weller Street
      Seattle, WA 98104-3899
      +1 206 587 2477
    15. does Kinokuniya bookstore have a website that i can order from? XP
    16. yes but it is not up todate. You can just call them, they speak Engish well, charge and have it shipped. Or if that does not work well, let me know and when I am there I can buy it for you and ship. I own jpopdolls.net
    17. Orient doll So patterns are too small for pocket fairies, the next size that I know of larger is the Lati Yellow size doll, and that is too big. Feel like Goldilocks!! Some Kelly patterns will fit So sized dolls, but they are too short, too small in the waist (if they are fited) and short in the sleeves. So is about an inch taller than Kelly - Lilica is the perfect fit for Kelly clothes! Even the shoes fit.

      For my Cowgirl outfit for Pocket fairy, I made tiny cowboy boots which turned out well. I have also been told Strawberry short cake shoes fit Pocket fairy, although I don't have any.

      So hard trying to judge to see what will fit these lovelies. I found some Hello Kitty fabric for Yoko (PF) and made her some pants. Found it in 5 colors, only one pair with jacket and hat is finished though.


    18. Amazon.jp does ship to the US, can't imagine they wouldn't ship elsewhere. The magazines were normal price, and the shipping wasn't unreasonable for what I bought (I got eight books, and it was about $25 total shipping). They have some of the back-issues in stock.
    19. In making the clothes for pocket fairies, I made my own patterns. I am a seamstress by profession, so I have more experience than most, but I think if you messed around a bit you might be able to come up with your own. It's really just trial and error and taking the time to do it. Once you have the basics, you can adjust them to make different styles. I also find you should try them on every once in a while to make sure it's working. There are things that you always should keep in mind. Like how it's going to go on, closures, and making sure that the fabric you use in scale. You can create an outfit that fits great, but if the print is out of scale, it just looks weird.
    20. Does anyone have a list to date of which Dollybird/Dolly*Dolly books have PF patterns in them? After just reading a comment above, I get the feeling I've been buying really cute dresses from Y!J and getting charged Celga fees, when I could have just been making them myself -.-

      Or, if not, are the finished items from the patterns shown on the doll that they're meant for? Will it be easy for me to tell in each book which pattern is for which sized doll? I'm very tempted to get a few anyway because of the various dolls sizes I have.