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Finding that perfect wig

Jan 22, 2016

    1. Anyone else had this problem where you think you've found that wig that would bring the chatacter together but when you try it one...it looks like poo. I recently had this happen and realized the color and style were all wrong for my poor girl. I wanted a straight mousey brown only to realize the character my girl was shelled for actually looked better as a curly red head. So while im waiting for my paycheck to come so i can buy her propper wig(and some extra ones just in case) anyone got any similar stories
    2. Hmm.... Sounds like there should be a way to restyle the wig you've already bought... Thats just my personal thinking. Maybe with human styling tools and dyes?*_*
    3. Sounds like the story of my life, I could start a wig shop with the wigs that I have sitting around. I spent hours looking for a wig for one of my boys, 3 months waiting for it to arrive and one second after it was on his head it was back in the box, he is still wigless :-(
    4. When I got my Resinsoul Mei I wanted her to wear a black wig and was totally set on that but cause I didn't have the wig when I bought her I ended up putting on a very short blonde fur wig on her and annoyingly it stuck. I still want to try a black wig on her but I don't wanna fork out for a wig I won't use if it isn't right. I also have a horrible fiber wig that needs a little touch up, but I am a little lazy =P
    5. Ahahaha, oh lord yes. My Dollshe Saint has gone through 5-6 different wigs. Hopefully the 7th time is the charm? I also bought a really pretty wig for my SOOM Amber just to find out the bangs completely covered her eyes. I ended up cutting them myself but... I'm not exactly a hair stylist if you know what I mean. I used to buy wigs off Ebay all the time and it seems like 75% of them never looked like the picture.
    6. So true for me know... I've been searching for a canon Sherlock BBC wig for my Sherlock for 2 years already, I've ordered three from three different wig makers, and still no perfect one...I'm really boring when talking about these things and I think i'll have lots of them until I find perfect:(
    7. I've got a lot more wigs than dolls, for sure.
      I had a dollfie dream with blue hair that I had a pretty specific idea for and it was her third wig that really clicked and made her perfect. The other two were blue also but not quite right.
      Then I had another DD who I knew I wanted to wear a long black wig with straight bangs, and she looked great in it. So naturally I decided to try her in a short, shaggy black wig and it suits her so well that she never wears the long one anymore.
      My SD16 wrote the long black one for a while, then a shoulder length brown one, and then ended up with her permanent long center-parted ginger wig.
      Even my DD Aoi, who I thought I'd never change, is now wearing a wig that could pass for a grown out and lightened version of her default.
      I've got a Feeple60 that looks awesome in a wig I bought for another DD, a 2D doll that I really wanted to personalize but looks great in her default, etc, etc.
      So yes, in a nutshell, it can be hard finding the perfect wig but it's been fun so far!
    8. I got lucky and my doll came with the perfect wig
      ...but the fear of messing it up and not being able to (readily) buy another one created this same problem for me
      "finding the perfect wig" is an ongoing struggle in this hobby
    9. Oh man, I bought the wigs before I got my doll. I hope I don't end up hating it when I try it on him.
    10. This happens to me all the time. My SID Claude went through several wigs before I finally gave up and had one custom made, and most of my dolls that use wigs have gone through multiple styles and colors before I found the right one. I have two Leeke art wigs that I bought because I thought they would be perfect for...someone, eventually. But they don't really look good on any of my dolls. I love those wigs too much to sell them, so they are just sitting in a box with all the other cast-offs.
    11. Haha dont sweat it. Guy wigs arent as finicky like girls are. They normally are simpler to fix the style.
    12. I already re styled it but i am going to give it a make over for one of my boys coming in but thats going to have to wait until he comes im.

      Haha. Thats how i feel. I keep the wig on her unless shes in her box. I just dont wanna look at my poor girl. None of her stuff is even her propper things. Eyes, wig, clothes everything isnt matching her character
      Thats what mine is! I love my Mei but why does she have to be so prissy. Ive tried looking at other colors that would go with her eyes and skin tone but its hard. Violet eyes and a curly red wig is what ive chosen for now.

      Eww ebay wigs. Ive had no luck there. I actually looked into luts and i love their wigs. They are heat resistant as well. Big plus.

      Hmm. Ive looked at echowigs. They have some nice custom wigs that might work for my girl. Later in her storyline she gets shorter hair. Might order one from there
    13. Thanks! I hope so!
    14. I have trouble telling which wig I buy for my doll suits her best. With the first wig I'd be like, "I don't need another wig, this one is perfect." But then I'd try on another and think, "This one is bomb, too!"
      So, yeah, I think you should keep trying out new wigs. Don't be discouraged if the first one doesn't work, because it's really cool seeing the same doll in different wigs, it's like they have different sides to their personality.
    15. YES exactly!! Flynn's first wig looked really great on the company photos (and a different color - it's my profile picture, and it looks brownish reddish but irl its really red) and it didn't really look that great on her. So I ended up just making my own wigs lol XD
    16. My wigs vastly outnumber my dolls. My first doll that I got in 2010 has gone through more wig changes than i can count in the last six years. Sometimes it's not even a matter of what I think works on my doll so much as I will just suddenly decide "you know what? Orchid needs to wear the long red wig now." And she will until I decide that the red wig would be cute on Daisy and she needs the pink one instead and..... Hoo boy .

      For added comedy, my own hair hasn't changed dramatically (besides trims and such) in about 4 years...
    17. My dolls wear multiple wigs. They get their hair restyled, & cosplay. So I've boxes of them LOL
    18. Honestly I understand. Just picking out wigs gives me anxiety because I don't want to try it on a doll and be didsapointed.
    19. With some of my dolls the first wig I got them were perfect in fit and for their character. The grey faux fur one I got for one of my dolls recently ended up looking so much better on someone else. Two of my guys look bad in everything I've tried. There are not very many choices in men's wigs at size 4.
    20. I have so many wigs because of this very thing! I can't even tell you how many times I was certain a wig was going to be perfect and then it arrives and...nope. It's turned me into a tiny hair hoarder.