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FinFin's Feedback thread.

May 28, 2006

    1. I donno I deal with alot for people so I decided I'd start a thread here. There are more people I need to add I just can't think right now.

      Good Buyers:
      Amara - an amazing girl, she's very sweet and kind, and apparently rich. I got her DZ Xi next day air. :o
      Dark Angel - a little clingy but it's to be expected with such a beautiful doll. Promptly responds.
      eveshka - very friendly and helpful. Another awsome person I've had the pleasure of dealing with.:D
      Gloria - very awsome. Even though there was some mix up with the order and such she remained calm and worked through it with me. She had more patience then she should with me and is absolutely wonderful!
      honeywithhorns - very nice and sweet. Very helpful an absolute dream to work with!

      Good Sellers:
      bittenbefore - very awsome. She is so amazing I will definately buy from again!:D
      ChocoMeijin - Awsome seller! She's so sweet and helpful AND waited while I scrounged up some pennies to pay her! :lol:
      dishlaga - a very nice girl. I ordered my BF Emilie from her. She's very helpful and patient. Even though she is under good sellers I do have abit of a bone to pick with her. The doll wasn't exactly what she said it was. She advertised a Bluefairy Emilie and it was an Emilie head on an Angel Region body. She also failed to mention the scratches all over her body and severe chipping in her joints. Also she is the most yelloed I have ever seen a doll be. She also has something wrong with her left leg. Even though she said she was going to b shipped naked, she did ship her to me with the dress you see in all these pictures and I got a pair of Etheral Angel Eyes for a low price. So like I said I'm mixed on this person but if I had the chance to go back and redo it... I think I might.
      lilmissmaya - very nice. AWSOME stuff. :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
      Salvati0n_Jane - sweet, helpful, and very fast shipping. I got just what I asked for.
      Wifey - I love, Love, LOVE wifey. She did an awsome transaction with me and made me a little extra when I asked! The bench is so adorable and perfect for Pika!!!
    2. Great work and will always be on my hitlist for modifications <3
    3. there was a problem with who she was working with but she resolved it quickly and has done a great job so far!
    4. Yes I would like to add I am no longer working with them at all. I now have a new partner in amara and we hope to make many fine things for you! <3
    5. Had a great transaction with Fin Fin. Was very polite and worked out a good transaction for both of us. Hope to do other transactions with you Fin Fin.
      Item was shipped super quick and in great condition.

      Thanks so much for everything.
    6. FinFin is a great buyer, great communication, fast payment and wonderful to deal with! X3
    7. i had a great transaction with FinFin as the buyer, good communication and fast payment
    8. good buyer always promptly responded!
    9. FinFin does quality work! :) I'd definitly work with her again!
    10. Promt payment and kept in contact. Wonderful buyer it was a pleasure to do business ^_^
    11. Alright...do not EVER let FinFin touch your dolls.

      A few months ago, back when she first opened her shop-thing, I scored free work for my doll. Okay, so I wanted her wired, restrung, and sueded. This was free as long as I let her use shots of my doll on her site as examples. Alright, I'm cool with that.

      I sent my doll to her in July (probably longer ago than that). When she said she might have to sell her doll for needed cash, she messaged me about charging for her work. I didn't think twice and we agreed on $35 for the work.

      So in October, after her saying that "she can't send Puck out nude and" and everything I get fed up, sent her $40 and tell her to send my doll back. She'd been procrastinating for three weeks saying stuff like her camera died and she needed pics. ...whatever. When I put the AnotherSpace goggles I sent with my doll up for sale that week, she said she'd give me $30 to keep them. Obviously, at that time she hadn't sent my doll back yet.

      I got my doll back on October 14th. I can say this is partly my fault for trusting FinFin, but I'd also like to say that in my own defence, I agreed to send my doll before I realized what would happen.

      Large box with a small box inside it. NO PADDING, but luckily the little box had peanuts in it an nothing was broken.

      I paid for her to suede and wire my doll...

      Now, when I sent my doll to her there was a small spot on her chin where the faceup rubbed off. Okay, my fault. Somehow it had morphed into nearly her whole chin missing the blush AND her ears had been messed up AND so had her cheeks.
      I also checked the bubblewrap her face was wrapped in. There's not even a single trace of paint, leading me to believe the damage happened before she was sent out.

      So, word to the wise. Don't let her even get near your dolls. I was able to sell this one for $150 in pieces. She sent me $70 to compensate for the damages, but I don't think anyone should have to go through this. The damage she caused was inexcusable.

      I didn't post this when it happened, but apparently she is still destroying dolls. Don't let her touch yours!
    12. I know this is a little old, but I don't really like having an issue over this. I'd like to add that I'm one of the people she was 'working with', and...

      Let's say this was before I really knew anything about BJDs at the time, but she left a disembodied doll at my house and was basically using him as an excuse to come to my place. Bleached him, sprayed him a few times more than nessecary, basically procrastinated about him, said she needed to take pictures in each stage... Then came over to my house to 'work on him' and would do no such thing.

      I had never blushed or anything, but I was supposed to blush him and give him a face up in a week? Not sure. I attempted it, but I didn't really want to go very far with that because I had never done it. I feel bad that I tried anything at all. She left him at my house and left all of his clothes at my patner's (and neither of us were aware...), then apparantly, when the girl is ready to pick him up, she told her I was the one who lost his clothes and all of his things.

      I got yelled at, which is justifiable in that SOMEONE deserved to be yelled at. If someone had handled my doll so irresponsibly, I would have been very upset, too.

      I wish I could apologize to the girl that this happened to! I was a little mad and clueless, too, because the blame was placed on me when I had no idea what was going on, but she was rightly upset;_;. If she is on DOA, maybe she'll know what I'm talking about. Finfin kept the doll and such in bad conditions as well.

      She kept trying to work with me but wouldn't do much of that. Rather she would lie, make excuses, and ask for money all the time only to make useless purchases, using my former ignorance of BJD against me.

      She lives in the same town as me, and I have to say, if she ever becomes active again, I wouldn't trust her with your actual doll. I hate to say this, but the above post doesn't surprise me at all. Just so you don't think that theirs is an isolated cases.

      I'm sorry I would have to make this post at all. I don't claim to be a customizer, I just managed to regretfully get myself involved in a bad situation, and I ended up being one of her excuses, but that doesn't stop me from apologizing for that situation as a whole.