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"Finishing" A Doll Before Buying Another?

May 18, 2010

  1. Finish one doll/character before buying another.

  2. Buy as many dolls as I like and finish them as I come across items/resources.

  3. I have no opinion/I don't do either.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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    1. My apologies if this has already been made.

      So, you get a doll. You love it, buy things for it, make things for it, but let's say you don't have just the perfect eyes for them or faceup or you want body blushing or something. But then, you really want another doll - what do you do?

      Do you wait and save and "complete" your current doll before moving on to another? Or do you buy as many as you like and "finish" each one as you come across items?
    2. I like to finish dolls as I'm going along. That said, if I want something particular for them and can't find it, well, just have to wait on that one until the item comes along. If another doll shows up in the mean time ... :D
    3. Typically, I'd wait and finish my dolls first.
      But as I've seen(and recently experienced) sometimes opportunity knocks so fast you're left in an 'odd' situation.

      My first doll came, I shipped his head of for a face up...And now I have another doll on layaway!
      I'm typically NEVER like that. But if you get the chance, you should take it.(if you can that is)
      You may regret it for a loong time. Or you may forget all about it if you don't.

      It's up to you to know yourself in that respect...
    4. I've previously been the kind of person who takes on tons of projects and tries to finish them as I can - but I'm trying to cut down the backlog, so now I'm only concentrating on one doll at a time, and preparing a list of items needed for her before I move on to using owned resources to finish the next.
    5. Up to now I've been half-finishing dolls before I buy another. I make sure they have wigs, eyes, and face-ups before buying another, I can sew so i don't worry about clothes too much. But they aren't yet to where I want them to be, I would like to buy some really nice outfits for them and better wigs.
    6. I've tended to finish mine over time. Now, though, I've wound up with a backlog of floating heads and dolls with no clothing or shoes... so I'm trying to get everyone 'complete' before I consider adding anybody else to the lot.
    7. I would prefer to finish one doll before buying another but when I have the funds I seem to want to spend on dolls instead of clothes...faceup...ect. *shrugs* Even my one "finished" doll isn't finished because she needs the right clothes. I guess they're always a work in progress. As time goes on and tastes change I guess some will update their doll to a new style while others end up selling they're once beloved doll. At this point I can't see myself selling any of my "beloved" dolls(there are two that I need adjusting to...and am not sure I'll keep based on that) but I have three which stand tall and proudly displayed in the living room. But as I stated I think all dolls are a work in progress...even after years of tinkering they still need that one tiny adjustment.
    8. Well, usually I just buy the doll when I have the money ^^ But the way it works out is~

      I save all the money for my first doll, and I buy him. Next I get the neccesities (Eyes, wig, faceup). Then I start saving for my next doll, but I see things like clothes and what not that I really want fo r my first doll, so I buy those things, streching out the wait time on my next doll. So by the time I have the money for the next doll, the first one is complete ^^
      I dont really plan it that way, but that seems to be the pattern ^^
    9. I wish I could sort of finish a doll before I bought another one. I'm really bad at not saving up for a doll though. I have a doll who doesn't have a permanent face-up or the right eyes, or very many clothes, or a personality. And I bought him last November. But sometimes they kind of sit there until it hits me and then I'm able to finish them pretty quickly. I don't have enough clothes for my boys and I'm not great at making them either, but my girls have some things to change into. It all depends on the doll and how much thought went into the doll before I purchased them.
    10. I guess if I had a doll I would rather have it completed before jumping into another project than to leave it halfway. It would be a waste of money, time and resources so to speak and spreading myself out would be stressful after a while and that's not what I want to do. I've found that doing things one at a time is the way to go before jumping into a new project. I've spread myself thin on some art projects before and it's a nightmare. However if you have amazingly good memory and can multi-task like nobody's business and have mad skills then I can't complain about them getting a doll, starting on it, get another doll, go back to the first, ect ect. I guess it boils down to how like you like to take projects in stride.
    11. I liked to get one finished before I get another, but sometimes something comes up on the MP and you have to jump on it NOW. I got eyes and a body for my Galena head long before she arrived and I was laying away a tiny at the same time. They both came within days of each other. Fortunately I tend to hoard wigs and eyes, so I can usually set someone up with something when they come home, even if it's not my ideal vision and I sew so I just make them an outfit when they get here.

      I have a floating head at present that I intend to get a body for before I buy anyone else. We'll see how that works out!
    12. it depends on how much money i have, but i would never buy more than 2 dolls at once
    13. are they ever finished lol :) i know that once i save anuff to get my Tender E-an i know that i most likely getting her alot of different outfits shoes and so forth would i ever really be done nope probably not :)
    14. I can't vote on that poll anymore :(
      I had a rule and it worked very well and it was: once I've finished a doll in terms of wigs/eyes/outfits (the basics that it needs) I can start saving for the next. And it really did work well.

      Until the marketplace... I've recently started browsing the marketplace because I have a lot of dolls on my list are difficult to get. I found an LE souldoll Celina and bought her, even though Virgil hasn't got anything right yet. But it was justified because, I might not find her on their again. So I'll have finished paying for her in two days and for some unknown reason I was on the marketplace yesterday and fell in love. And arranged for a one-month layaway. So now I have Virgil with the wrong eyes, wig and clothes. A new one coming on the way which won't have the right eyes/wig/clothes and then another the month after. And because of this I can't afford to finish any of them until all three are here *_*

      So I would like to still be able to say that it was my rule but temptation made it impossible. I really shouldn't go near the marketplace for a while.
    15. My dolls are finished when they're finished. They may sit in their box for months, waiting for me to find, decide, or make the perfect look for them, and in the meanwhile, new dolls arrive. I sometimes change my mind about what suits them after I see them in person. I don't worry about this because it's part of the fun of collecting them; the mad hunt for the perfect eyes, wig, accessories, and etc.
    16. Oh, it depends ^^; I dislike having anything lying around unfinished, so it's transferred to my doll hobby... but I've discovered the doll hobby can bring large amounts of serendipity (holy crap! I finally got to use that word in a sentence!!) and things really don't always go to plan ^_^
      So, ideally... YES... I would prefer to finish dolls before starting on another. But it doesn't always work that way ^^;
    17. This is a bit tough for me. I still haven't decided on which doll I want to purchase first! That being said, I would lean towards finishing my first doll before buying another, but I can't promise anything yet.
    18. I knew I wanted to start my doll family with two very dear characters. I bought both dolls very close together, and am currently working on getting their perfect eyes/wigs/costumes all rounded up. I have a few more characters I want to buy dolls for, but I'm not in so much of a rush since they are easily available through the retailer and I haven't found a marketplace deal I just "have to have" for them yet. So I guess I'll say, two dolls at a time before I buy a new one :D
    19. This is pretty much how I feel. Lately I bought a limited doll even though the one before still had no faceup (I was still deciding what I wanted and who to commission, but she's booked in now), I just couldn't pass up the chance. I don't like leaving a doll "unfinished" but sometimes I just don't know or can't find what I want, and figuring it out can take time. As we all know, you can't really take your time with limiteds! I do like to have clothes, eyes, and wig for my dolls when they arrive though, I don't like having a bald or naked doll hanging around.
    20. This is a hard question. *_*
      I never feel a doll is "finished". Someday I'll want new eyes og new wigs. And I never get enough clothes! :lol:
      But I do have some "rules". I don't want a blank, bald and eyeless doll. If I can't afford the specific items I need, when I buy the doll, I'll buy something temporary. If the temporary items are okay and fits the character, I might buy another doll, even though I still don't have the items I wanted.