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FireFaux feed back

May 16, 2008

    1. I'd appriciate feed back for my transactions.

    2. firefaux bought a pair of eyes from me. PAy fast, friendly PM, everything was perfect. Thanks you!!!
    3. I bought Fire's DOI Crush. Thankfully we live in the same town. She totally responded quickly. After my first offer, which she accepted, he was in my hands within twenty four hours. :)
    4. I got a pair of pants from Fire! Love them and they fit wonderfully on my DOT Camine!
    5. I ordered a pair of cargo pants for my DoI, and I love them! We've still got to try them on today, but I'm confident that I'll have no worries there since she was even kind enough to try them on a friends' doll to be sure that everything was a fit and in order.

      Most of the conversation about price and style was made in the same day, she had even made up a mock pair that very night to show me what she had in mind. Exceeding my expectations is probably an understatement! She kept in contact all the way through the process, which I greatly appreciated, and was always very helpful and friendly. I highly recommend her! <3

      Thank you very, very much for a pleasant transaction! I will be certain to edit this post with a picture of her work once I have taken one. =)
    6. FireFaux purchased an Unoa Lusis from me. She paid promptly and was a pleasure to communicate with. Thank you for the smooth transaction!
    7. I bought a Weylin from FireFaux!

      He arrived fast!
      Great seller!
    8. Did a very nice, successful trade with Firefaux! Thanks a million!
    9. I bought Firefaux's Lusis faceplate. There was great communication and she mailed the package promptly after I paid. It arrived quickly, very well packaged, and in great condition. =) Thank you Firefaux!
    10. Had a great transaction with FireFaux, I bought her Orange Pinky wig and it arrived fast and well packaged. Thanks so much!:)
    11. I bought a Unoa Sist faceplate from FireFaux, it was delivered VERY quickly and she packaged it very nicely. Thanks~! ^_^
    12. I bought a purple/black Monique wig from Firefaux. She was very quick to respond to PMs, shipped it quickly & well packaged! Excellent transaction and would love to do business with her again (which I kinda am since I jumped in on a Volks group order she's running. ;) ).

      Highest Recommendations ~ Thanks so much...the wig is lovely! :) :aheartbea
    13. I had FireFaux commission some costumes for me. Very nice to deal with,
      the costumes are so well made. Highly recommended!!!
    14. Hello I just recently purchased a wig from firefaux. The transaction went smoothly, and shipping was fast. I would do business with her again.
    15. Just completed a very smooth and pleasant transaction with firefaux.
      THANK YOU!!
    16. firefaux and I did a trade! She made me some shirts and I sent her a pair of eyes I have! Working with her was fantastic! She was understanding when I couldn't ship the eyes when I said I'd be able to, and she made the shirts quickly and was communicative! I would definitely work with her again.
    17. OMG! I just traded some items with Firefaux, for some wigs. The wigs were in unbelievably perfect condition! I am extreamly pleased! It only took 2 days to get to me! Awsome! I woulde definatly do it again! A++++++ 100%
    18. I participated in a small VOLKS, USA group order run by firefaux. Everything went smoothly and I got my items in perfect condition. ^^
    19. hehe, also participated in small VOLKS group order run by firefaux & just got the items today. Great transaction...firefaux had great communication and kept me updated the whole time. Would do business with her again any time! :)
    20. I bought a wig from firefaux and she was excellent to deal with - great communication, she sent it promptly, well packed and it is in perfect condition. Many thanks :aheartbea