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First Doll: By order or When they appear home?

Sep 18, 2010

    1. I looked this up but I have no idea if I'm just using the wrong words or something in the search. If so, direct me to it. And if this is suppose to go somewhere else, I'm sorry! >.<; Redirect it or delete if need be.

      Do you consider your first doll to be officially named "the first" by like whoever you bought first or do you go by whoever appears first at your front doorstep?

      I'm just curious as to what everyone's opinion is. ^^

      For me, I don't really know. I guess I would have to go with whoever you bought first. I bought a doll back in June and have about 4-6 more weeks before she should be here. Recently I came across another doll that I liked so much and can buy her within 2 weeks. But I wasn't sure if the doll I order will appear before the one I bought first and I really want her to be my first doll (though I'm having itches to get the other one >.<). So like I said, I don't really know and am curious to know what others think. ^^
    2. I go by who first appeared in my mailbox. I had ordered another before but he was on a "slow boat" and came well after Tanoshii showed up. So, I consider Tano my first doll, even though Kage was the first one ordered. And I'm glad, actually, that Tano came first. I kind of like him better than Kage, even though Kage is actually the more desirable doll (company and head wise).
    3. Yeah, I'd go by who actually *got here* first.

      But I bet lots of people say "The first doll I bought was x, but y arrived first."
    4. Whoever arrives home first :)
    5. I'm not really sure. I've ordered my boy Victor first (from the company), but I have plans to very soon buy another dollie (secondhand), and chances are high that she could arrive before him, but I don't really think I'd call her first... I guess maybe I'd just say they're tied for first or something? xD
    6. The first doll I bought was the first that arrived. So...it's one and the same in my case.
    7. I go by when they got here, and even that means when the head and body are put together if ordered separately. That's how Xavier became #13, "born" on Halloween so it's all great, and Little Walken #14 because I couldn't get his body until November.
    8. Same as most of the others responders - when the doll arrives. I bought two dolls around the same time but the one I actually ordered first got stuck in customs, so the doll that was ordered second sneaked on ahead of my first. Although, the dollie who arrived second had been ordered with a faceup, but arrived blank-faced, then the third boy to arrive was the faced-up version of the second doll I ordered and the first to arrive...err...*_*

      So, second doll ordered, officially the third doll to arrive, but I still count him as my first.
    9. I had the fortune of having my first (and currently only, until her boyfriend arrives) BJD in my hands as soon as my credit card was put through the reader back in July. That being said, I've already ordered my second doll, intended to be the boyfriend to the first, who is due to ship within the next few days. However, after browsing through the marketplace, I've found it very hard to resist some of the good deals I've seen on some BJD bodies and heads, but I want my second doll to be, without a shadow of a doubt, my second doll. Even if, say, I just got a body or a head, and it arrived before my boy, I think that would just bother the heck fire out of me. So I guess I'm among those who see the order in which the dolls arrive to be held in my eagerlittle hands to be how I count my first, second, etc. dolls.
    10. For me, I think it would be the doll that was ordered first, because since my brain already acknowledge that one as first, it wouldn't matter which one arrived early. :)
    11. For me I count it as the one who arrives first but when someone asks I usually respond with 'so-and-so came first but such-and-such was the first I fell for' or 'such-and-such was in the planning before I got so-and-so' just to give credit to them. I also prefer not to count dolls until both head and body are together so that adds one more level to the confusion. Fortunately for me most of mine have arrived in the order I ordered them but it does get a little confusing with the few that didn't.
    12. I go buy who is bought first. It's how I've always written them in my profile and how I think of them. :)

      But I think I may be a minority in this!
    13. I think of the doll that was sought after and purchased first as first. The first doll part that showed up in the mail was my second doll's body - his head didn't arrive until a few weeks after my whole first doll showed up. The one I bought first is still the central focus of my group so it would be odd to call him "second" anything.
    14. I consider the first to arrive to be the first true doll, but because my first doll was the only doll ordered and the only doll expected, I suppose he was first no matter what. Now that he's gone, I don't consider him really first anymore. Sure he's the first one I had, but he's no longer the oldest one in the collection and has moved from first to second, if that makes sense, because I sold the doll and re-did his character, but he isn't 100% done yet. My second doll is now my first, my fifth doll is now my third, and my seventh doll is now my fourth. When a doll ships out as a head and body separately, their "birthday" is determined by the date the head arrives, because to me the head is the most defining part. My Ryu was considered a doll when his head arrived on Halloween of 2008, and in the case of my identical twin Mihos, both heads arrived at different times, but because they had to share a birthday, I chose the day in the middle of the dates I got the heads, but the head that arrived in February was considered the third, while the head that arrived in may was considered the fourth doll.
    15. Hrm... that's a good question. I actually ordered two SD heads together for my first dolls, but then I got a full Puki before I ordered either one of my SD heads a body. Then I ordered one of my heads a body, and now I've finally ordered my other head his body. So is the Puki first because he was the first complete doll? Or was the SD boy who got his body after that my first doll because he was completed before the other head? Or are the two SDs both my "first" dolls because I ordered and received their heads at the same time? Because of these circumstances, I would consider the first doll you see and order to be your official first doll, which in my case would be my first SD head.
    16. For me its when they appear home. Ive had 2 dolls arrive one day after each other, the first one that arrived was the second (or in my case the third doll) i ordered. Also my partner once got me a tiny for christmas and the doll id ordered arrived in January.
    17. For me who was bought first and who arrived first is also the same. Even though it's the floating head of Aod Zhen I still consider him my first because he has been here the longest.
    18. I guess if it had pertained to me it would have been whoever arrived first. However I just bought Noire by herself so she who was bought first and arrived first are the same!
    19. I guess if it was me, it'd be who arrived first, since their birthday is based on their arrival dates. But like LordBlumiere, I bought my first doll by himself too so he was bought first and also the one who arrived first lol.
    20. The first is the one who first ordered because it is the most suffered. Whenever she came, she was mine, though far yet ..