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First doll: custom or default makeup?

Oct 30, 2009

    1. I'm planning on getting a shushu. The only thing I don't like are how faint her lips are. So I was think of just getting her blank and sending her to someone, but she's my FIRST doll...should I get her deafault so she's PERFECT? Would it be worth paying the 60 dollars for a fAce up then sending her to someone to just redo the lips? Just want some opinions. Thanks!
    2. I think it depends on if you like the rest of the default make-up offered with her or not. If yes, I'd say it's worth it because you never know if someone else can get her just as you want her, darkening the lips is something you know someone can do for you while doing the rest of the face-up to perfection may not be something you can get elsewhere.

      Personally, my first doll came with her default make-up, as will all of my other dolls, and I'll change most or all of them over time, which could be weeks, months or even years in some cases. :lol: I planned on changing my Toppi in the first few months, but now that I see her default in person I'm considering keeping it until her face-up gets damaged.
    3. i am not artistic so i have gotten the default make-up on all my dolls. of course that was before i discovered doa and all the wonderful people here. quite a few are talented artists so i am now considering sending out my next doll to someone on doa for a custom face-up.
    4. For my first doll, I ordered her with the default face-up... but that was because it fit her perfectly and I fell in love with it the first time I saw it.

      I don't know if the company you're planning to order from does it, but some companies will adjust a face-up if you request it (different colored eyebrows, etc).
    5. I got my first doll as a fullset, so he'd be complete from the beginning. The second had a faceup but nothing else, and the third was a blank head. Now I get them all blank and paint them myself, unless they have a limited faceup or an artists faceup I like. Fairyland's default faceups are very nice, and darkening lips is one of the easiest things to do, if that's the only thing you don't like. You have to decide for yourself, and you may also want to look around and see which artist you like and what their waiting list or wait times are like. Are you OK with her being blank for months and months if the artist you want is booked up? It may or may not happen, but it's something to keep in mind.
    6. I got my first doll with a default faceup and i still regret it. the work was beautiful but it didnt really portray the character I wanted him to be, so we still havent completely bonded because I dont have the heart to trade his head for a blank one, nor can i wipe the beautiful work. Since its your first doll I would personally recommend sending her out for a custom faceup, I think you would like the hobby alot more if your first doll was absolutely perfect than if you had to settle for a look you didnt completely love. most custom faceups cost about what the company charges anyways, but i would talk to the artist in advance to reserve a spot for when your girl comes home
    7. Get it personalized from someone you trust, that's the advice I would give most people.

      I got my first boy with a customized face up from the company, but due to differences in language, he came out looking all wrong. It severely impaired our bonding process. Two years after I got him, I sent him off to be repainted, and I'm so glad I did that. When he came back I finally had my boy that I had always wanted.
    8. My first doll came with a default faceup. There wasn't really an option, but I LOVE the way she was painted and never wanted to change it.

      I think if you like the rest of the faceup but want to change one minor thing (like darker lips), that might justify paying for the faceup and then altering it a bit yourself or having someone you trust help you out. Maybe you could find a customizer who wouldn't charge too much to do such minor work, if you aren't confident in your own abilities. (You wouldn't want to accidentally ruin it, after all, but even if that were the case there are plenty of customizers who could re-do the faceup to your specifications in the event of a disaster. I know I don't really trust myself to paint faceups!)

      However, if you have something else in mind for the faceup, go for it! :3 A doll's faceup is really, really important. It adds an extra something to the sculpt and can really change how you perceive him or her. Having it just the way you want it is a really great feeling, and it makes even a glance at your doll an even happier moment~
    9. I prefer to send my dolls to be faced up. Unless I am totally in love with the default face up or it is a LE I order blank. I feel guilty wiping a LE head but sometimes you just have to do what you like best.
    10. take her blank. it'll way less trouble i think
    11. I bought my first doll without a faceup because I hated the one on the company website. It was so gaudy I'm surprised I loved the doll at all. I guess I just fell in love with the mold. :)

      I prefer getting blank dolls, at any rate. Much easier to figure out who they are when they don't have any pre-set appearance to them. :)
    12. I have one default doll and the rest I've sent away for custom make up. I prefer artist's face ups, honestly. The styles are so varied and interesting. If you want something specific, then I think sending your head away to someone who has a good reputation for face ups and someone you like the style of is a good idea.

      If you're in love with the default, then keep the default, you can always submit a request to the company to have her lip colour darkened just a little. most are willing to accomodate that kind of request (some for an additional fee, others not so much).
    13. I decided on my first doll to come with a face-up, if only becuase I was clueless on how to properly do one.

      When I've got the option, the AE Lemon I want is probably the only doll on my wishlist that I really lean toward getting the default, if only becuase I really like AE girl's face-ups and it fits the character she'll become. The rest of them I plan on getting blank and attempting something myself.
    14. My first doll had a factory face-up. Later I decided to enhance her a little & darkened her lips & added eyeshadow. It's easy to to & if it's only the lips you want changed, you can easily do that yourself.
    15. i would just do it by myself based on what i like
    16. My first doll I bought with the default face up. However, that was one of the things I considered when choosing the doll. I passed on some of the sculpts I liked because I did not like the face ups. I figure after some more time on the forum, I'll be confident enough to order a blank and go through the process of commissioning an artist.
    17. I bought my first doll with a default faceup but I immediately was displeased because it wasn't what I wanted...but then again, none of my dolls have faceups done by someone other than myself. :) The first doll I sent out to a commission artist but within a month, I had removed it and did it myself. It's all a matter of getting exactly what you want...remember that factory faceup doesn't necessarily equal perfect. Perfect is how you define the Doll of Your Dreams. That can be obtained many different ways.
    18. My first doll was a kit; no face up, unstrung. In retrospect I wouldn't have had it any other way. She was from the very beginning my unique doll, crappy first faceup attempts and all.

      It depends entirely on your own preference. Are you getting a doll to model clothes and change eyes and wigs, or are you getting a doll to roll your sleeves up and get a bit dirty with painting, sanding and modding? If you're more of a fashion doll fan, get her with a faceup. If you are more of a hobby/kit person, get her without.
    19. I got the default face-up, faceless dolls honestly usually freak me out abit. I don't like the way they look at all. Plus, I didn't want to have to feel like sending her away right away for a face-up. I wanted to enjoy her for awhile before having to send her away and being without her again if I wanted a custom face-up. It's all personal preference. I have no issue getting the default wiped off to get a custom if its what I want later. I wouldn't do my dolls face-up myself, it would be horrible and I dont' want my doll to look like cheap junk thanks to my lack of talent. I'm picky and only a good artist would get me what I want.
    20. Both my first AND second dolls have default makeup. But I have two heads for Lily (an AoD Rao), one magnetic which I plan to eventually wipe and attempt faceups on and one non-magnetic which I bought for the same purpose and wound up loving.

      With Aya (MNF Shushu) she has three heads, two of which (normal, sleepy) have Fairyland's default and the third (elf head) was purchased off the Marketplace and came with a really pretty face up. I don't think it'd hurt for you to email Fairyland and ask them if it's possible to do the lips a little darker. I actually don't think Aya's are that light, though I've only had her a day. ^__^