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First Doll Indecision?

Dec 12, 2009

    1. I went through about 15 dolls and 5 companies before I decided on who I wanted as my first doll.

      I first wanted a luts SSDF Regen, then a Dollzone Aaron, then a Luts SDF Harmony, then a DIM Kassia, than a DIM Bellosse, than a Dollcatch Stella, than a Ipehouse Tatiana, than a Ipehouse Amy, finally I decided on Crobidoll Yeon-ho. Did anyone else have first doll indecision?
    2. Oh yeah.
      It helps if you think about what kind of character you'd like- size, boy or girl, clothing style, personality etc. before you start choosing sculpts. That should narrow it down quite a bit. ^^

      My first doll was meant to represent one of my old characters, Zollie. I knew he would be a Kid Delf from the start, I just could not, for the life of me, decide on which one.
      After asking everyone I know and their grandmothers for their opinions over which one is prettiest, I ended up picking the least popular one, Mill. And I don't really know why. xD

      This sculpt ended up not being quite right for Zollie, but that's okay because he developed into his own character who I just love. <3
      My next doll will be Zollie for sure, though. Kid Delf Litchi boy. :'3
    3. i got set on Fairyland MNF Ryeon, but ended up purchasing Ophelia Licorice from Charles Creature Cabinet.

      talk about a diversion from the original plan. LOL.
    4. I didn't go through a million dolls, but I did seriously consider DoD Camine, Sha, Ducan, Petsha and Fairyland Soo dark elf or Eliya. I ended up picking DoD's E-an. The one doll that I never considered until I randomly decided to look at all of DoD's DoTs one day. As soon that I saw her I knew she was the one.
    5. First I couldn't decide what gender, then I decided that I'd get a girl. I basically knew I wanted a LUTS doll as they were the ones I first fell in love with for BJDs. I loved IF but teeter-tottered about it for around a month before I decided she was the one. I still think "Oh I'll get this one" but then see another I love and want and think I want that one more. I try to give myself a month or more to see the trend and who I keep going back to. XD;
    6. I had massive first doll indecision, mainly based on how much they cost. I fell in love with Elfdoll Soah and really wanted her, but wasn't sure how her asian looks would work for me as I love historical costumes. I wondered if another doll would be better, one that would have more 'range'. The problem was that I kept going back to Soah's face and the tranquil look about her. I ended up buying her and it was definitely the right decision.
    7. When I first got into BJDs there were a lot less companies- and I STILL found it hard to choose! ;)

      I was torn between a Luts El, a SS El, or a Luts SS Yder. Eventually, money issues made me pick the cheapest- the El- and I have loved him ever since. :)
    8. ^This. I mean, I can imagine it's even harder now, but when I first got into the hobby I had a hard time deciding what doll I wanted.
      First it was the gender and when I finally decided upon that, there were still a handful of companies I had to wade through. Funny thing: First doll I bought turned out to be not a keeper. I should've followed my heart and go for my dream doll instead, but well... She was just a bit too expensive for me at the time. (two years later I finally managed to conjure up the guts to buy her)
    9. I always knew that Gabriel would be my first doll... but the first three times I looked into BJDs, there was nothing even remotely close to him, and everything was VERY expensive (oh how my perception has changed), so I'd go off to another hobby and forget about this one for a while. It was a few years before I finally was shown a doll that really looked like him, and was a price that I was willing to take a chance with. Once I saw him, the indecision was gone, but until that point, I just had no idea even IF I wanted one, much less WHICH I would want.
    10. Can't say this happened to me.

      Saw it. Knew it. Bought it. :XD:
    11. I went through so many indecisions- it is very common! What I found really helps is looking through owner pics. This helped me see the potential of each doll and how much I loved it.... Needless to say, when I am quite a bit older, Akando will be coming home to live with me. :)

      So, do not fret. Note, the nice thing is they are not limited. If you do not bond there will most likely be someone who will be more than willing to adopt the doll that would not quite fit... Chin up, and smile! :)
    12. not on my first, no. pretty much every one of them after him however, yes XD
      i just switched the mold of yet another one on my wishlist today....it never ends....
    13. I can't imagine picking a first doll nowadays...so many choices. I spent an entire summer choosing between three dolls when I first got into this hobby. The reality was, there were literally only three dolls to choose from once I factored in price and gender, lol.

      Since most people are buying something that they haven't even seen before in real life, I think it's reasonable to have indecision. It's okay to change your mind. Heck, it's okay to change your mind after the doll arrives. You can always try again.
    14. My first doll love was the Luts Blanche. I went through literally hundreds of doll faces from dozens of doll companies looking for the 'perfect face', and finally, there she was BAM!. I pined for her for weeks, maybe months. But it didn't pan out, because I realized I didn't want an SD, but a MSD-sized dolls, and I didn't favor the Luts body sculpts much.

      The body sculpts matter a lot to me, so in my second run-through of the same dozens of companies, I looked for the perfect body sculpts instead of face sculpts. I found Blue Fairy and then Fairyland. I fell in love with Blue Fairy bodies and faces, but the amazing poseability of Fairyland had me shuffling between them for a bit. Blue Fairy won out though and I haven't wavered from them since =P .

      Lastly, after deciding on the perfect company, I had to decide which faces I wanted. I'm a long-term planner, and have already figured out what types of dolls I want to get so that they 'match together'. First I really loved a Xiao boy, Emilie girl, and Niky. I changed my mind to a Jasmine girl, a Louis boy, and either a Niky or Sleeping Emilie.

      My first doll is now going to be a Jasmine girl, and I know I won't regret it. I've been staring at her face for months, and she still makes me go starry-eyed. =3

      <3 ali
    15. I could not decide on a doll for my first purchase. I nearly sent myself cross eyed looking online for the perfect one. In the end I chose a Pipos (Sleeping Baha) which was really strange because I was convinced I would get a SD girl!
    16. I'm still having problems on figuring out which one to order first. i placed an order with my stepfather and it got canceled due to something wrong with the adress or whatever, which I'm sort of happy about but now I'm all confuzzled on which doll i want. theres: Doll-zone's Clovera, Doll-zones Beeta, Luts' Karis, Luts' IDO, and Doll family's Lingfeng... Clovera was the first one i fell head over heels for but then i saw Karis and IDo and now im just all over the place -_-... I would like some oppinions on this from others though too, Id like to start out cheap but I want to make quite a few outfits for it for a project. Opinions greatly appriciated. ^_^
    17. I think if I had been a member of DoA when I got my first, I would have had some serious trouble making up my mind. But I had no idea just how much was out there at the time, so I ended up impulsively buying one that Dollmore had listed on ebay at the time.
    18. I saw AOD Rao and i fell in love with her mould. At first, however, i prefered Qing but i realised that she and me would NOT coexist. So I decided to get Rao, after falling in love with her face IRL.

      Personally, i favoured luts as well, but the price did it for me -_- that and the fact i liked the luts SD dolls and i would NOT bring a SD doll out [because i'm small sized >>]
    19. I didn't have this problem with my first doll... I knew what company I wanted because I had seen them. And it was a choice between two sculpts. I wanted him for one of my characters. Last minute when I went to make my order I changed from a Kyle Reese to a Hanoel Moon.
      When he got here well....he definitely was NOT the character I wanted him to be...but he was just so pretty .... So I've been tentatively feeling out his own character along the way.

      Now however... I've been going through page after page of images and sculpts and indecision trying to find the right ones. For one thing I still want to embodie Ripley...the character my first doll was supposed to be. Then I've got at least 4 girls I want.... I think I've narrowed the sculpts for them, but on one of them it keeps shifting....
      And then theres actually buying. Once sculpts are decided for variyng characters....who do you buy first?
    20. Ahahaha, I had that problem looking through all the websites. XD I THINK I've finally decided, but who knows until she's in my hands!