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First doll second hand?

Jul 25, 2010

    1. Hello! I just got access to the Market place and I've been looking for second hand options for the doll I want as my first. I'm still looking for the specific dolls that I fell in love with on the original sites, but something was bothering me when I found them. It wasn't the dolls themselves, though, but the fact that they are second hand that bothered me. I wanted my first doll to be perfect, with no yellowing or chips. I'm not sure why this bothered me so much.

      So I was wondering if anyone else had any experiences like this, or if they think I'm just being too picky? What are you're thoughts on getting a second hand doll as you're first doll, vs getting it from the company?

      Please and thank you ^_^
    2. I bought my first doll secondhand....just try to avoid the problems you mentioned like yellowing and chips. Alot of people get dolls, don't bond with them and sell them within months of buying them, often at quite a loss. The only thing you may give up when buying used is that you possibly won't get a box...and shipping if you're buying domestically should save you quite a bit.
    3. I can understand this. If you want the assurance of your dolls, first or otherwise, to be as close to tip-top condition, you really do have to go through the main shop or a direct distributor. Though, most sellers represent there dolls very well, it can be nerve wracking at the beginning. Plus, if it's damaged in transit, company shops are always willing to help, whereas a second-hand seller usually can't beyond you being able to claim the insurance of it. (Always insure any pricey item you ship through the mail!)

      In my case, I actually kind of did both. I ordered my first directly from the company, then a week later bought another second hand. The one that was second hand arrived first. To be perfectly honest, since it was a sculpt I wanted, I forgot completely that he was second hand at all. He was totally new to me. He had some scratches on his hand, but I barely cared.

      I got the same giddy feelings when I received my first-hand doll a month later from the company directly.

      It just depends on what makes you more comfortable, and if getting them first-hand is how you want to go, then there isn't anything wrong with that!
    4. So this may seem silly: I don't like the smell of new resin, so when I buy a second hand doll (that is a sculpt I love of course) and I've bought about 3, I am always happy that they are old enough to have de-oderized a bit.

      I have only bought one doll new from the company and I am in the process of trading her for a doll I love more. I am not sure if I like second hand dolls more but the ones I do have have become my favorites VS. the new from company doll that will be shipped out in a week.

      Bad seller experiences on the MP can turn you off from buying second hand so be careful, but there are a lot of advantages to buying that way.
      Cheaper shipping, free goodies (sometimes), giving an unwanted doll a second chance, being able to look at the pictures of the actual doll you will get (instead of a stock photo), expensive custom face-ups may be part of the S.H. doll, cheaper prices for a popular sculpt, a chance to own a limited you missed out on, the list goes on...

      I have always bought second hand from thrift-shops to antique stores so it may just be more natural for me. I feel that if something I want is already out there why create a new one and use the resources? Of course it will come to a personal decision and you have to do what you feel you will love best. Buying second hand or new always remember to look at as many company and owner photos as you can!
    5. I'm in the process of buying my first doll, and she is second hand. I actually feel better about buying her than new from the company considering the owner did an amazing custom faceup that looks way better than the default faceup, which was making me hesitate on buying her from the company directly. And as Kalani said, the person I'm buying her from had her only a couple of weeks, so she still is in pretty new condition :)
    6. For me secondhand is never an issue - it's often more of a bonus. My first and indeed most of my dolls are second hand.

      Since I live in the UK I often get stung by ridiculous Customs/Handling fees and buying more locally/within the EU is an easy and often far cheaper way of avoiding those taxes, plus there isn't any where near as much waiting time - days versus months for casts.

      Often if there is a problem - yellowing/chips/dislike the faceup - I can resolve the issue easily enough. I think it just depends on your level of confidence or skill :) Some people feel better only ever buying new and ordering faceups... me, I'll always have a soft spot for 'pre-loved' dolls:aheartbea:aheartbea
    7. My first (CP Luts CHiwoo) was second hand - I found it so much easier and more reassuring to be seeing pictures of the actual doll I would be getting rather than a company generic photo of that sculpt.

      Very few of my gang have been bought new, and of those that have, very few have been ordered direct form the company (I worry there will be a problem and the language barrier will prevent it from being adequately explained in order to get it put right, so I prefer to order through stockists in English speaking countries)

    8. That's interesting! I'm the complete opposite....I LOVE new resin smell:)
      Well, I guess three of my dolls (if you call an Unoa kit in a bag second hand?)
      were second hand and my first abjd, a Lati Yellow Elf Lea, was found on ebay

      So my advice to the original poster is: get a new doll as your first.
      Why get a second hand doll if you are worried about chips or yellowing etc?
      All that will likely happen is you'll notice every little flaw and be unhappy!
      Most people who get dolls second hand love them for the flaws, they want a
      well loved doll who isn't loved anymore....sort of like rescuing an animal from
      a shelter I suppose instead of going to a pet store/breeder (which I think is the
      loveliest thing someone can do!!!!)

      If you're hoping for a lower-than-company price just don't expect the doll to be
      in mint condition (mint as in: never played with or altered, kept in it's box) BUT
      the seller SHOULD be honest about the dolls condition!! While I agree that good
      feedback should mean the seller has a good reputation, it doesn't mean that they
      will notice everything or even see what you might once the doll is in your hands.
      IMO a SH doll will almost always come with light scratches (my NEW dolls have)
      and rubbing marks at the joints. These are just natural when owning a resin doll.
      But if they'll bother you then you probably should get a new one as your first.

      Also I wanted to point out that for some people getting a certain doll SH is the only
      choice, because either the sculpt has been discontinued or the doll was a Limited
      Edition. My trouble with getting dolls SH is that the price is often much higher than
      the original cost. Sorry but I don't think you should charge double for an LE,
      especially when it's blank etc. :eusa_naug

      I didn't read through all the posts so I'm not sure if you said what dolls you're
      looking at? I'd love to hear!
    9. I got my first doll from the DOA marketplace. Before making the decision, I found out about the seller's feedback and also looked at the pictures and the info. It took only a couple of weeks for my doll to arrive (which is much faster than buying it at the company shop). When I received my parcel, I opened it and checked my doll's condition. There was a little flaw on it's feet, but it isn't too noticeable, and my doll poses perfectly. The best thing about buying a second hand doll is that you can ask the seller before buying, see some pictures and sometimes save money.

      Now I'm awaiting my second doll, which also will be second hand. The doll has been sold out at the company website and I had no clue whether it will be released again or not. So I asked at DOA marketplace and, after a couple of months, found a person who was selling it. The makterplace can be really useful!

      Second hand dolls aren't worse than the brand new ones. A new doll can also have a flaw or be damaged during the shipping. It depends on chance. And the best way to prevent troubles is to thoroughly research on the doll you're interested in.
    10. My first doll was a second hand girl and I love her more than any others that have wandered in and out. Three of the four dolls I've owned were second hand. They had all been lovingly cared for before I got to them, one had a minor point of damage that was repaired very well by it's last owner but he was wonderful none the less. I can barely see the repair on the once broken finger, you really have to squint to see it.

      If you're unsure about a used doll, it's not a bad thing to ask questions about it or for more photos of it. Asking can help lead you to finding your perfect boy or girl since someone who already had it will know the quarks of the sculpt or body that they encountered in their time with the doll. There's nothing I love more than to know as much as I can about an adoptee.
    11. I didn't get my first few dolls second hand, but many of my dolls after that came from the MP. When I first got into the hobby I felt more comfortable buying direct, but I discovered that the marketplace has a lot of perks -- no wait time, cheaper shipping, and access to dolls that aren't as easily obtainable otherwise.

      If you see a doll you like on the MP, read the description carefully and don't be afraid to ask questions. Also check out the seller's feedback. There are some great second hand dolls out there -- the only ones that I got with noticeable yellowing or that needed a repair stated so clearly in the description. I knew what I was getting and was fine with it.

      Ultimately, you need to do what will make you the happiest -- there are pros and cons to both buying direct and using the MP, and I wouldn't say that one is inherently better than the other.
    12. well i think buying a second hand doll is a non expensive experience
      as you can try yourself with these dolls and see what you can get
    13. I love that new resin smell, too! Moft of my dolls have been bought directly from the company or from a distributer, but only because I seem to be attracted to unpopular sculpts. When I'm ready to buy a new(ish) doll, I always check the marketplace in case their is one out there that needs a new home, but I haven't been able to find what I'm looking for. (Most of my doll don't even seen to have other owners on DoA, like my Crobi Gillian or SSDF Cane).

      I worked with cat and kitten rescue for several years, so I'm all about giving something a second chance at a loving home! Even if they aren't quite perfect! :)
    14. All four of my dolls were purchased second-hand, and I personally haven't found that fact to be detrimental in any way to my excitement over their arrival or enjoyment of them. :)

      I agree with what others have said as to the importance of doing your research and asking questions before making such a purchase.
    15. My doll is second hand and she's perfect :D
      You should try it ^^
    16. I actually prefer to buy dolls secondhand. It's cheaper. I feel like I'm "saving" the doll from the doom of being unloved. And I feel more comfortable, less nervous and afraid to handle and play with my doll, when it has damage. I feel like a pristine, fresh-from-company doll is too precious for my clumsy touch! Bumps and scrapes make me feel more at home with my doll.
    17. I still only have one doll (the second is on the way), and he was new... but lately I've been looking at the MP... I think I may soon tr and buy one second hand.
    18. I love second-hand dolls! If I have the option, I prefer it, actually-- I'm not the type to keep things perfect and pristine anyway, and sometimes, secondhand dolls come already sanded or restrung, saving a bit of work! Unfortunately, due to my tastes, I've only been able to find one of the dolls I wanted on the MP, but she came in great condition and I had a great experience with the seller. And as an extra bonus, by buying her used (this was a Soom Teenie Gem Violet), I was able to get the fist hands she was originally available with, which they no longer offer on the site. She's the one in my icon, and I love her dearly.

      That said, if it's something that's going to bother or worry you, buy new. But if you're considering the secondhand option, go ahead and check out the marketplace. Most people will be straightforward with any damage to the doll, but make sure you check feedback, etc. Happy buying!
    19. My first (and only...so far...) dolly is a second hand and I love him to pieces... I can understand why you would want your first one to be all shiny and new but that kind of thing doesn't bother me. I kinda like the fact that my boy isn't factory fresh so I'm not so scared of damaging him that I get paranoid... Saying that, most people take good care of their dolls so there will never be a huge amount of damage on a second hand doll.

      To be honest though, I had intended to buy my first doll straight from volks but I got bitten by the BJD bug when I saw my boy on the marketplace... When you find the doll you want... you'll know it... XD
    20. Someone on another site told me that the Marketplace here was "dangerous" and that she wouldn't recommend buying from it. Is this true? Are bad traders that big of a problem here?

      Anyway, I think for my first doll I want to order directly from the company. I might wait until I have access to the Marketplace, to see things for myself. But, with such an expensive item, I can afford to be scammed out of the money. :/ Not that everyone out there is a scammer, but it would be my luck to find one of the few who are.