First doll you fell in love with?

Jul 16, 2016

    1. The title says it all! Mine was Iplehouse's JID Soa :aheartbea To be honest, I still want her; too bad she's discontinued though :(
    2. Cerberus Project Luts Delf Miyu. She was the sculpt that made me want to get into the hobby. Don't give up hope, when you get market place access you might find her for sale second hand.
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    3. I first fell in love with IOS Chaos. I opted out of buying him, because of the price and went with a cheaper doll that I loved too. However, after buying my first doll, IOS had a sale, allowing me to buy the doll I wanted at a better price. n_n
    4. Hmm... I fell in love with two at the same time, Crobidoll LJ and Luts Vega. I bought the LJ since he was more expensive and I didn't know if I'd have that much for a doll again and I don't regret it really, but Vega was limited XD. Ah well...
    5. MNF Chloe with a F60 Celine (full set) not too long after. I don't have either of them, but I'm thinking sometime down the future, I might end up getting one... Or perhaps it wasn't meant to be? I'm more afraid of falling out of love with the idea of them since plans change and once you own certain sculpts, you end up not liking them as much?

      I'm in love with my FL60 Scarlett though. She has completely stolen my heart since I got her. I don't know if any new doll can compete with her. Haha. :lol:
    6. Ring doll melody. I'm still in love with her. I plan to get her one day .

      Although recently I've been falling out of love with her since I got my hybrid girl Hitomi who has an akagi head and mirodoll body. I just love Hitomi so much almost more than the doll that was my grail for many years.
    7. First doll I truly fell in love with was Loong Soul Pharaur. I first got into fawning over Ringdolls, but after discovering so many other companies, I was really drawn to his sculpt. I still love it, but have since found other dolls I want equally as badly, lol.
    8. I'd say Dollshe Saint. It's one of the dolls that already interested me the most when I discovered the hobby about eight years ago, and although I started collecting only recently, I've been wanting one since then.
    9. The first doll I felt "omg I need to buy her!" was doll-chateau's Christina. Unfortunately I fall victim to limited edition dolls constantly so I've never been able to buy her due to lack of funds :sweat

      Did you ever manage to buy him? I hear he's going to be discontinued in 15 days and he's 50% off right now. Just in case you're interested ^^
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    10. I'll buy him in a couple of days, yes ! :D
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    11. Cerberus Project Delf Lishe!
    12. Oh awesome~ early congrats! :whee:
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    13. CP/Luts Juri 2005, orrr a Minifee Mirwen. I have a Juri 05 head, but I prob won't ever get Mirwen.
    14. I loved Iplehouse Chase the Magician. I don't have him, nor am I looking for him, but he probably influenced me into getting into the hobby! He's just so cool with his wolf parts and sharp outfit!
    15. First one I can name was the Dream of Doll Petsha.
    16. Dollshe Grant Phillipe on the Dollshe website. He looked so real my heart skipped a bit. :love
    17. Volks SwD Lucas. I came across him years ago when I just found out about BJD's, but since he was already sold-out, I thought I'd never be able to get him, so I bought an IH Soo-Ri instead.

      Long story short: I own my SwD Lucas now and he's my favorite, together with his brother my Williams.
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    18. For me, since Ringdoll was the first company I'd seen, I fell in love with their "Raymond" doll and his military outfit. Imagine my upset when they sold out of his outfit before I could purchase his fullset :...(
    19. My first foray into the hobby, before I'd ever met any dolls in person, was through Denver Doll Emporium, and my first love was Bobobie Espree. Her expression is just so sweet! When I realized I like SD more than MSD, I fell in love with BBB Ophelia, and she became my first doll :)

      I'm also in love with IH Tatiana, but I may never get her, because although I love her face, I like larger dolls....
    20. The first doll I really fell in love with was Dreaming Doll's Little Elva Airi <3 I had been checking lots of BJD companies before, had seen many beautiful dolls, dolls that undeniably made me go " pretty" but no doll that really left a lasting impression on me or even gave me the feeling that I needed her in my life until I came across the Airi sculpt. There's just something about that girl that went straight to heart :p