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First Ever Face-up: Layer 1

Feb 23, 2017

    1. [​IMG]

      This is my first layer, and I'm just sealing it now :> amidoingitrite
      I guess I'll add progress pics to this thread..
      Tips & tricks/advice would be much appreciated!

      Layer 2!

      Okay it doesn't look thaat bad .....if the body isn't showing much...........
      #1 Piko, Feb 23, 2017
      Last edited: Feb 27, 2017
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    2. You've done a great job so far! So soft and sweet!
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    3. Looks great! The expression is perfect!
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    4. <3 thannkkyouu
    5. I'm really excited to see your updates, if you post any. It looks so cute already.
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    6. I'm glad you're excited! I..messed up DDD: The way I painted it doesn't match my doll!!!!
    7. I painted it so hard it looks like a normal skin?!?!?!! OR IDK?? WHAT DO I DO NOW?!? T^T i feel like crying..
    8. I know how it feels to have messed up a faceup Dx but stay calm! If you have spent hours on this I understand not wanting to retrace your steps, but a lot of times you may find a second attempt to look better than the first. You can wipe it off (with something like mr. color thinner) and start over, so you can try limiting your blushing to select areas so its not as powerful and achieve the faceup you want. It's frustrating but take this as a learning opportunity and start fresh when you're ready! I guarantee you'll feel better after taking a break and deciding what to do from there ^^
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    9. th-thank you...T^^^T I worked so hard on this, and I feel bad wasting materials wiping it!! i sprayed so much sealant on it!! DDD: that stuff isn't cheap...!!!
    10. that's so true Dx but I know you'll get the hang of it! You're very skilled and for a first faceup it looks very beautiful and realistic! just take time to access the situation >^< I hope you feel better and good luck!
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    11. that's very reassuring to hear! thank you so much for your advice! <3 do you think it's worth buying another faceplate and keeping this one? D:
    12. it depends on your plans, if you would like having a spare faceplate to start fresh with and keep this one for later (if you want to repaint it someday or repurpose it) I would say buy it if you have definite plans for them. But if you only want to redo this faceup I think wiping it would definitely be a cheaper and faster option ^^ just make sure either investment is worth it to you!
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    13. Awwww, over-blushing happens to the best of us! I often keep my doll's body nearby when I'm doing a faceup, so I can occasionally place the head on the neck and see how it looks all together. Sometimes it's hard to judge blushing when the head is by itself!

      It's sad to wipe a faceup that you just finished and worked hard on. But like @nekkous said, usually the second attempt is better than the first anyway. In fact every time I've had to redo a faceup because of a mistake, the redo was way better! But still, I know how you feel, so I recommend waiting a few days and maybe you'll feel up to wiping the face and trying again. I am curious though, just how much sealant did you use? A faceplate this small shouldn't require an amount of sealant that can be described as "so much". :o You should easily be able to paint this faceplate 5 or more times with one can of sealant (MSC or Zoukeimura, anyway- if you're using a brand with a smaller size can then nevermind haha).

      Aaaanyways... it's a beautiful faceup, even more so considering it's your first one ever! You picked nice colors and they look even and smooth. And the eyelashes I see in the last picture look damn good! Wow! My only criticism is that... uh... if that's her wig, perhaps consider darker eyebrows? XD The light eyebrows are kind of jarring right next to the dark bangs.
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    14. Good idea!
      i put the face-plate away and I will look at it again in a week and see how i feel :P
      I felt like i sealed it a lot? xD but i probably only did seal it only 3 times, but i sprayed it like..twice each time..

      And that's not her wig, I do have a blond wig, but I thought the bangs on this darker wig would help cover most of her forehead (guess not lol)
      thank you so much for the advice and tips. I'll muster up the courage to wipe the faceup and post the new one here too!