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FIRST Limhwa Doll ordering starts - NEW web site open

Mar 10, 2006

    1. Limhwa Doll International ordering starts March 10- 17

      Another ordering period will happen in early April.. the first order has sold out. There is a boy companion for ForYou coming out soon.. as well as the new 57 cm Limhwa.

      The web site is http://www.limhwa.com

      The web site has all the sizes and specs. Many different configurations
      are allowed, including getting a ForYou with two different breast size torsos.
      Please contact us if you have any questions.
      Hillary and Hayleigh
      :aheartbea Limhwa Assistants
    2. wow!! gorgeous doll. ^_^_^

      Just a few questions though:

      - Will the bodies be fully assembled? (or can you request it to be)
      - And will there be bigger dolls released later on? 57-60cm dolls?

      Thank you soo much! =)
    3. Can you ever sell this sexy doll that I saw on your other page?

      Please? Please please please? I want him soooo much! please please please please please :-D :-D :-D
    4. The dolls are sent to you strung. If you order eyes, they are glass.

      Jung Ji Yung is going to allow us to sell the 57 cm dolls in another ordering period.

      :wiggle Heartbreak boy is currently not for sale. After this first period is over, we will begin to talk to her about future things she is working on. Everyone wants the Asian guy doll. He is such a hunkkkkkkk.

      We can tell you that in the future, ForYou will have a boyfriend :aheartbea

      Thanks to everyone for their interest. In the first hour, the server nearly blew up. They moved Limhwa.com to a bigger server so all is well.

      Hillary and Hayleigh
      :hamster:Limhwa's Assistants
    5. You mean there's a chance that Heartbreak boy might be made?


      Well, I guess even if he is not made, I hope ForYou's boyfriend is as handsome as Heartbreak boy. :-D
    6. Hi!
      There is a chance....

      We are excited to see ForYou's boyfriend too. I wonder what his name will be... ForYou + Next2You.. :eusa_naug

      We will definitely offer the 57 cm Limhwa in the future.

      Hillary and Hayleigh
      :hamster: Limhwa Assistants
    7. Hi Kitty,
      Yes, we are happy this is getting off the ground too~ :aheartbea it's a small miracle working with a person so far away who is a solo artist. There were many people who bugged her wanting to sell her dolls, so we feel lucky she chose us.

      We will be offering the 57 cm dolls in an upcoming order. As far as the Heartbreak boy, we hope to ask the artist about producing him someday. But it might appear rude to ask her during the first order. So we will wait a bit.

      :hamster:Limhwa Assistant
    8. Pee not, Damned Sassy Wench, we received your order. Now's a good time to stock up on clothes and think about the face up for her! She fits Unoa and Narae clothing. If you check in the Mini area, that means Teen Trends and all kinds of fun stuff is out there. Wigs that will fit her are also on our mom's Dollfair site-- go to www.dollfair.com/wigs.htm for 43 cm wigs.

      So I'm afraid we had to take one off the ForYou available doll number.:oops:

      If anyone wants one, I don't think we'll make it to Friday... and it's a nice feeling for this artist Limhwa if we sell out in a couple days!

      Thanks for your interest everyone!
      Hillary & Hayleigh
      :hamster: Limhwa's Assistants
    9. Well, Jung Ji Yung is working on a male companion for ForYou... he might be just what you are looking for...

      can't wait to see him

      Limhwa assistant
    10. Hi Kalmia,
      Thanks again for your great review of ToYou in the TINY section. It's so helpful for people who want more info about these dolls to get real owner feedback. We sent your whole review to Jung Ji Yung.. it might not get to her for a couple days cause our translator's wife had a baby last night! Eeep! No sleep for him!

      We are not sure if ForYou's companion will be "hot" or "cute" in style. Of course you can hottie up a cute boy... and cute up a hottie... but we can't wait to see pics. He is basically done and Jung Ji Yung just needs to get him painted and take some shots.

      We'll post pics when we get them!
      :hamster: Hillary
      Limwha Assistant

      P.S. Thanks to everyone for PM'ing me get well wishes. I have to stay home the rest of the week but at least I'm up and walking now since the accident!