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First look at KDoll Khan

Jul 12, 2006

    1. Finally a picture!


      I wonder why that one eye is covered? It could be that it's incomplete, closed, or scarred. But most likely it's just incomplete.
    2. 8D I just love K-doll's heads.

      I really look forward to seeing him complete. It would be interesting if he had something different in his right eye from the left. The sculptor seems to enjoy gore art (looking at one of her/his older unique dolls), so there is a chance she (he?) would do something like scarring an eye.
    3. Do you have a link? 9.9
    4. http://blog.naver.com/kjeasdf/150005998677

      unfortunately the text translates into mostly incoherence through babelfish... but it does say that she hopes to complete it sometime this month.
    5. Oo I see and I like! I hope they make more girls.
    6. Bumping this for new pics from k-doll
      News Thread
      Blood's Blog (with pictures)

      Anyways...::makes grabby hands:: He's soooo beautiful.
    7. I love K-doll's work, and I like how Khan is a bit older-looking, and smiling just a little, but still wearing that K-doll characteristicly sly-eyed expression. :D

      Anyone know where I might see one of these unique dolls? Is it a unique sculpt, not for sale? I haven't heard of this before, and would love to see pics. ^^


      Comparing the two photos, it looks like the artist has made Khan more mature-looking since the prior version: larger chin/jaw, smaller eyes, more pronounced nose and slightly sharper upper lip. Maybe the covering-the-eye thing is just her habitual way of holding the head, since it occurs in both these photos and we can see Khan's right eye clearly in the other new photos...but I personally still hope that there might be a special version of Khan with a scarred eye, in addition to the normal-eyes version. :aheartbea
    8. You can see them on the K-doll website under Dolls here. I'm guessing the above poster was referring to Third.
    9. Ohh thanks! Silly me, I'd forgotten about 1st-3rd. ^^;
    10. The news thread says this head is for a 70cm body? Anyone know what types it matches?
    11. I recall blood having some K-doll heads casted by Dollshe so it might be possible a skintone to match those bodies will be available.
    12. :D Yum! A hound size K-doll is sounds de-lish!!!:aheartbea
    13. He would be gorgeous on a feeple body but.....::dreams of him in tan:: Why must I dream the impossible? Whyyyy?
    14. I hear that Blood has been pretty busy lately...playing online games XDD
      So it's good that she's back :3
    15. Double post and BUMP for great justice! 8D;

      New image posted in Blood's blog. Maybe it's Kino? :0


      Looks like an older Kill_u-

      The post said:
      얼른 완성하고파~~~ㅠㅠ
      바디만들기 시러~~

      Also on the board it says there will be no order for August, but in October DX
    16. Awwwesome.
      Is he on a bust... or a bodY? -stare-
    17. If Blood makes a body, I might die O_O I'm sure that would be all kinds of awesome ♥

      it's hard to tell from what little is in the photo though T_T
    18. Looks like a bust.

      Oh wait. remember that she was saying that Khan was going to be for 70cm body and we were thinking Dollshe body? Maybe she's making her own body that will be 70cm :0
    19. I'm not sure she'd start making bodies with the creation of a 70cm. Most of her heads are for 60cm, so you'd think she'd start there if she was going to make one at all. dunno.

      I was assuming she would sculpt the Khan head to fit Dollshe bodies since it's the Dollshe studio that casts all of her heads now. It would make resin matching much easier.
    20. Wow, maybe I would like a big doll.