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first look at SA and suntanned Hound.

Jul 24, 2005

    1. suntanned hound... O_O *drools*
    2. Wow, that was really something! Thanks for posting these.

      I forget to look on Anu's other sites... This is terrible, but I want them all... *~*
    3. I want them all too! If the SA Hound comes out then I won't be able to help myself... my poor bank account.
    4. Wow.

      The pants.. *gawk!*

      ...and the dolls....*faint*
    5. Oh so pretty! Thanks for posting about these :grin:
    6. Ohh.. that suntan Hound is so exotic! :o :D ... fortunately I have no character in mind for one. XD; ::pets stressed-out bank account:: *_*
    7. The tanned Hound is wonderful *le sigh*!!
    8. ..*feels like he's the only one who didn't like the Suntanned Hound* ._.;;
    9. :o Must buy Hound...must buy Hound..I will be broke..I will be broke and happy.. :wink:
    10. Hey thanks for sharing these pics. Very very cool a suntan Hound although I confess I like the paler look alot, but it's still very neat to see! :oops:

      Would LOVE a SA Hound (with the dark hair) or a Bermann . . . 8)
    11. You're not alone Nuku - I don't really like the Suntanned Hound either. I like the paler Hound myself.

      *looks at overstressed bank account*

      Not like I'd be getting one any time soon anyway...
    12. I loved looking at these pictures - what a wonderful display! How fun to see Bermann selling and shopping for his own clothes.

      And I liked all the Hound versions!!
    13. Suntanned Hound is lovely, but thank goodness my heart wasn't bursting for him. I think I like paler Hounds as well. Although, looking at those pictures just made me long for the one I've ordered even more. Hurry home, Gremory! ;O;
    14. It's not that I don't -like- him, but these pictures don't seem to show him in his best light. The tan seems...a bit unnatural to me.

      It could just be that I'm very used to seeing very light skin tones on BJDs, and seeing one that is darker it sort of throws me. Perhaps I will have to see in other photographs to change my mind.
    15. OMG. *_* *dies 1,000x* Suntanned Hound is gorgeous ... please don't be released, Mister. I can't afford you right now.
    16. SUNTAN!!!! SA !!!! Im putting a bucket on my head !!!!
      I just cant buy anymore !
    17. I can't see any of the galleries, and here I was hoping to drool over teh sex that is Hound. ;_;
    18. What browser are you using? I couldn't get it to work in Firefox, had to use IE. Anu has crazy flash galleries oo
    19. I had to switch to IE too. Well worth it! Anu creates beautiful galleries!