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First Mini Boy~~Which one should I get? ^^

Jul 31, 2009

    1. Hello dear DoA...ers :lol:

      So I've been digging around searching for the right Mini boy. I'm being very picky, hehe :sweat ... because these are the things I'm looking for in my first boy:

      .43 and up centimeters
      .mature face
      .masculine body

      Hm, that's mostly what I'm looking for :/ I guess my idea of "picky" isn't the same as others :/

      Anyways, I know how hard it is to find mature/masculine boys because most minis I've seen look so young and boyish. I want to get a "lover" for my AS 1/4 Leira arriving next week, and I want to start saving now. A few of the sites I've looked at, such as LatiDoll, have nice looking boys but they don't have very many clothes/shoes in stock. I'm also looking at DollZone 1/4 Hid. He looks so cute and I love his scarring <3 But I can't tell beneath his clothes if he has a masculine body or not :/ But if he doesn't I'm still willing to get him :D Also Dream of Doll's D.O.C. Homme Kirill, but he looks kinda boyish, but anyways... ^^"

      Can you guys help me? I want to order from a company that I can order full package from, with doll, face up, wig, clothes, shoes, eyes, all the good stuff. Can you please post pics of your Mini boys? ^^

      Thanks so much :D

      Edit: Oohh! I've just looked at the IpleHouse J.I.D. boy Ryan <3 I love him, and he has that masculine boy body I want, but kinda the boyish looking face... Is he worth getting? :D Still open for suggestions of Mini boys!
    2. Well, MNF boys have the option of coming with a very masculine, extremely posable body if you get them the A-line A La Carte ( http://dollfairyland.com/shop/step1.php?number=362 ). If you like the DZ Hid, but aren't fond of the body, you could always try to find a partner who would be willing to split for the body and then split for an A-line muscle boy body. I BELIEVE the resin matches pretty well, or at least that's what I've been told. I'm a Fairyland junkie, so forgive me for spamming them, but some of the boy's faces can be made to look mature. I've run into the same problem of childishness in mini boys, though, so best of luck to you! :)
    3. Thanks :D I love the body <3 Hm... IH Ryan comes unassembled... I'm going to have to get more experienced with stringing and what not before ordering him... Hm.. How tall are the Fairy Land boys? I think they're like 42 cm but I can bear 1 cm shorter than I want... They're just so cute... :aheartbea
    4. Denver Doll has some pictures of Dollzone's MSD bodies here (girl and boy). And yes, Fairyland's MiniFees are 41-42cm tall. I'm a fan of Fairyland's dolls too. Good luck! :)
    5. Dollzone and minifee are both awesome (I'm obviously partial to those), but keep looking around, too! I think AoD's boys have pretty masculine bodies, also. Are you sure Ryan comes unstrung? Because that's really unusual, and all the box-openings of Ryan I've seen he's arrived strung and complete. Also it looks like they're "reducing the muscle" on the new JID boys, according to an announcement on Iplehouse today, but they've not shown new photos yet. I wonder what that means?

      I also wouldn't be too stuck on getting the "full package" from one place. Very few doll shops (except ones who aren't focusing primarily on their dolls and are more of a retail shop, such as Dollmore) have much to choose from as far as clothes and eyes. You can get much better looks and more personal looks by picking and choosing and mixing and matching pieces.

      Good luck finding your perfect boy!
    6. On the website it says that there was an assembly guide to go with it... idk, maybe I just read it wrong :P I asked on their Q&A board so I'll be waiting for a reply.

      Hm yeah, I was going to go item hunting on Dollmore for my girl, so I could just order things for my boy there too ^^ Thanks!
    7. I think the guide is for restringing and maintenance, and he comes already strung. Based on box opening photos of him and other Iplehouse dolls. It's always best to ask, though!
    8. (L TO R)Dragonfly Narin, Unoa B-El, Limho[​IMG]
      Rear view, Narin, Limho, UNoa B-El
      Dragonfly Narin[​IMG] Limho close view [​IMG] UNoa B-El [​IMG]
    9. We are looking for exactly the same thing! With so many collectors looking for a mature male MSD, maybe one of the doll companies will take the hint! I don't want my poor girl to feel like a cradle robber!
      I think I've settled on either AOD Min or Lati Blue Rucas as a partner for my new AOD Wang Zi Siobhan.
      Good luck with your search
    10. Depending upon how much you're willing to spend, I vote either the Limho, Unoa boy, or (and I vote this one the most) A-line MNF ala carte muscular boy body. Lookit the owner pics of the Karsh's! And El's.
    11. Im getting a Lati blue Rei Christopher hes 46 cm ^____^
    12. Please only request photos and post photos in the BJD-opedia subforum! Thanks!