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FIRST PICS NEW Narin Dolls in regular urethane

Apr 19, 2008

    1. Hi everyone,
      I was expecting the first pinky white urethane Narae today and imagine my surprise when she arrived, with a tanned friend too!


      Pinky white open eyed Narae on the left, tanned Butterfly Narae on the right. They have the new knee joint system, with invisible stringing. I like how the ankles can point downward and make her legs look so graceful...~~


      We hope to begin sales for this new urethane resin Narae in mid-May. We don't want to swamp Narin at this time, because they are working to catch up on orders after the resin crisis in Korea...

      The FRENCH RESIN story:
      Bimong, artist of Narin Creative (Dolls) prefers all his dolls to be made in French resin. Yet there is only one importer of it in Korea. And after this holiday season, someone at that importing company made a mistake and didn't re-order the supply after the huge demand from holiday sales. Result? Orders went in to all the little casting companies, and these little companies all had none. For awhile, the casting companies and importer thought they could restock quickly, so they didn't say anything to the artists. The artists didn't find out until they went to collect their dolls.. and all went home empty handed. And then they all had to tell me, meh...

      In order to ease up the supply, we have worked with the Korean artists and asked them to offer urethane options. Dollfair is also working to become a US distributor of this specialized French resin, so we can help the artists get it should there ever be another shortage. Thankfully things are getting up to speed again. All companies using it were severely affected, and it should be emphasized that the artists were not at fault in any way.


      Both faces here painted by my friend BasicLine, who works with Narin Team



      Hey, it's got a glow, too!


      Other changes:
      We are shipping the new knee joint dolls with 2 extra hooks. Narin is asking owners to have fun posing the dolls but not to force the joints using your strength. In the first shipment, we had two breakages due to play or taking the doll apart. Should you experience breakage, it's easy to fix them with one of the extras supplied. We are also offering old knee joint options for those who prefer it. The dolls were tested by Bimong using "normal posing" and extreme poses or poses using a great deal of force may cause the hooks to break or weaken.

      Our customers are demanding 24/7 customer service by email and phone. In the past, our doll customers were very familiar with the ins and outs of buying from overseas, with the quirks of customs and rainy weather and small supplies and delayed schedules. I feel this is no longer the case, with so many new people coming into the hobby.

      Since we have not increased prices in over 3 years, even after the US dollar dropped severely in value, we will be working with Narin Creative to come up with a new price structure which will include price increases. This will achieve the level of 24/7, day by day, minute by minute, second by second, Amazon.com level customer support that our new clients are demanding. I've always tried to keep the price low so that as many as possible could afford one. However, it seems that having immediate and full service support is more important to our 2008 doll buyers. We can't achieve that without changing the price, so we will work to make it happen.

      Best wishes from everyone at Dollfair.
    2. so, are you going to be selling the dolls with an option for regular resin? and if so, will it cost less?
    3. We have suspended ordering on the Dollfair site until May 15, when we will re-open with the new resin choices, new options and prices. Right now we are still in discussions about pricing with Narin Creative.

      The break will allow Narin to catch up on orders, because I feel the new resin option will result in a tidal wave of new orders.

      Thanks for your interest
    4. hope the prices don't go up too much

      i was thinking about ordering may isn't too far away i always have these kind of things (hates bad luck):(

      urethane looks nice
      maybe a better closeup of the face
    5. Try not to worry.

      And I will post a close up of their faces soon.

    6. Is urethane resin similar to the resin other companies (such as volks) use, or is it a different kind of resin? (Please excuse me if that's a silly question.)

      Also, I'd like to see some pictures of the new resin colors next to some other dolls... that is if the colors are different than the old French resin colors. Just for color comparison.

      THANK YOU!
    7. her legs look exquisite - very beautiful.
      would it be possible to see pictures of her from the side and from behind? I'm curious what the ankle and knee joints look like from behind...

      thank you!

      (running off to count pennies....)
    8. Do the new urethane options include the 60cm dolls as well?
    9. Butterfly looks scarily real in urethane :/..

      ..in a beautiful way ^^. The pinky white looks very white. Are the pictures very colour-accurate, Catrina?
    10. Hi everyone,
      Here are my best answers:

      1. The dolls are similar in color to the French resin colors. The resin is a matte finish, and is not similar to Volks, which uses a Japanese resin. It is not Korean custom to photograph their dolls next to the dolls from other companies, or even for me to photograph them next to other dolls I represent. As the representative of Narin and other Korean artists, I have to follow their customs so they are happy with how I present their work.

      2. I'll try to get some photos done soon-- we are moving to a new space, so hope that I can show these soon (now where is my camera?).

      3. I believe the 60cm dolls will be cast in urethane in the future, but at this time we have not done a test cast of them in urethane. Once I get a test cast, we can look at releasing them in urethane as well. I plan on it.

      4. The colors are accurate, which is why I took their pics on a white box. The box is white-white. The pinky white girl is very very light, with a hint of pink. The tanned girl is a matte mocha color. Her tone changes according to where you put her. In sunlight, her tone is warmer and more golden. Under my fluorescent light, she is more cool in color tone. That is the tough thing with lighting, they can look a bit different depending on the coolness or warmth of the light source.

      Thanks to everyone for their interest and I appreciate so many kind emails I have received lately.