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First Time Doll Buyer -- Help with Mini Fee?

Jul 14, 2007

    1. Hullo, I've posted on the board a few times, but mostly I'm a little lurker. Currently I'm looking to buy a minifee Shushu with a few accessories <3 I'd just like to ask a few questions not answered on the other threads. Links to other threads about minifees would also be helpful <33

      - - - > are there any people on the board who regularly host luts group orderes? I'd really rather not pay the $55 shipping&handling.

      - - - > links to ebay/DoA marketplace sellers who make things for slender minis would be appreciated. I know about ajumapama/mio/bliss, but I'd love other links <3

      - - - > any complaints/praises about minifees or luts dolls in general? I know their seams are pretty hard to sand off, or so I've heard.
    2. people rarely place doll group orders, because of the huge amount of money and liability around. It sucks but most of us just have to swallow the expensive shipping fee.

      Minifees wear the Mature Mini size. Here are some links you can consider:
      Joyce W.
      also users zolala! and flonne come to mind.

      For clothing, searching Unoa or Narae in the marketplace will bring some sellers up. You can check the Database forum for pictures of MNFs, and you can put a request in at the picture request forum.
    3. Also, haunt thrift shops and such, because sometimes you'll find older dolls with cloths that either fit, or require very little adaptation.
    4. Thrift stores are soo good! The one I go to has a little doll clothes section with all the little clothes hung on teeny doll hangers XD I enjoy it greatly. And if all else fails you can just modify garments.
    5. Thanks for the links! Oh & I hadn't thought about the risk with a group order. D: I guess I'll just suck it up & pay the cost.

      Sadly, there aren't many thrift shops in my town; even our salvation army store went out of business! We do have some nice antique stores; maybe I'll be able to find something there.
    6. What I did to get my doll (Dream of Doll, not Luts) is run a group order myself. Other people ordered smaller things and while I won't say I ended up getting a great deal on shipping, I DID chip my own costs down enough that it was worth my time to run the order and help others get things they didn't want to pay heinous EMS costs for alone.
    7. I love Luts!
      I have not heard the seams are hard to sand... I have only sanded a pair of my girls hands and the seams came off easily enough. I just have not bothered with the rest of the body as she has no clothes that show off her arms and legs.... yet.;)
    8. in truth $55 isn't too bad. I'm paying $62 anyway.

      Shippinh may be expensive but u can consider to do a group order of little stuff as well. I've added little stuff to my order for a friend, but really it's not too bad. Sometimesshipping can get up to $100 ^^ depending on the company.

      I had a look at soom, i would need to pay $33 for a $41 bag... so for a doll is quite good
    9. One thing annoying with Minifees is that their name is so hard to search for on this board. People call them:

      MNF (unsearchable without an asterisk like MNF*)
      Mini Fee (only good for a title search as mini fee*)
      Minifee (ok for searching but add asterisk to pick up plurals: minifee*)

      Title searches from Advanced Search can help you find threads about them. A title search restricted to the Minis forum will pull up topics about clothes, etc. But you have to try three times, once with each spelling, as far as I know.


    10. I always Get my Girls Jeans at Shayi
      I bleach them myself.. they are lovely and not uberly expensive.

      I also have a lot of resized msd clothing i got from the marketplace ^_^"
      (i rarely buy expensive clothing..i rather try to make it myself..im so cheap)

      And the only complain i have about my mnf is the fact that she doesn't have a middle joint.. But besides that shes just great -hugs her shushu-
      And shoes are hard to get ...but i let her wear normal msd shoes with socks 24/7 XB
    11. Thanks for you advice everyone <3 I think I may order my Shushu through Cheerydollusa (I just emailed to ask if they can order Shushu as they do other MNF dolls). the doll will be like 8$ more, but shipping would only be 14$. Has anyone else ordered a Project Cerberus doll through Cheerydoll?

      I do understand about shipping, now, though. Hopefully I'll have a parttime job soon so I won't be on such a limited budget.

      I'll try searching with your tips, Carolyn.S. I didn't think of that before <3 & I'll be sure to take a look at your shop Naiara.
    12. Welcome to the wonderful world of the MNF! *huggles her own Shushu*
    13. Wow i didn't know you can order a MNF thru cheerydoll. My Yern is the same size as MNF and she wears Teen Trends shoes the most. Some of the clothes fit okay too.
    14. Oh yeah... my shushu can fit into some of the looser MSD stuff for Dollzone dolls...and really really loose barbie things.
    15. I make clothes for friends with similar sized dolls as well as my own Unoa. If interested send a pm. Thanks Tmouse from Scram designs
    16. Also I think I haves seen some minifees in the Friends2BMade clothes thread (inexpensive bit nicely made clothes made for "Friends" ragdolls). I have mostly seen MNF boys in there but maybe browse backwards from the end of the thread - I think I saw MNF Shushu and/or a Lishe in the thread.

      And you can always go into a thread like that and then do "Search This Thread" and try to find minifees remarks or photos (with 3 separate searches - one for each wildcarded (*'d) spelling) I listed above.

      The clothes that often fit minis are the "Friends" clothes. As you will see in the thread no mini can wear the headgear or shoes, and minis of all sizes and even some very large tinies like Narsha and Little Junior have varying luck with the slacks which only fit few dolls well. But the tops are often usable for all minis, some fitting some dolls better than others, and some of the little dresses are fit well depending on the doll. They also have wonderful soft terry robes in the sleepwear section.

      The thread:

      The store (and some local Build-A-Bear shops also carry Friends clothes):

    17. Unforunately, cheerydollusa can't order Shushu but they can order other MNF dolls, sspearls <3

      Thanks for the welcome, choutou!! I can't wait to be more deeply involved in the DoA community.

      I might contact you later, Tailormouse, but right now I'm going to be happy just to have a doll with one full outfit, a wig, a pair of shoes, & eyes.

      Carolyn.S, thanks for the info! I think I'd heard about F2B before, but didn't know the clothes fit so well. Don't TeenTrends fit well, or have those been discontinued?
    18. Even though they don't have ShuShus, I thought I should share this. I ordered a MNF Shiwoo on Cheerydoll. He was my first doll so of course I emailed Karin with tons of annoying questions ^_^ She was polite and responded to all my emails in less than 24 hours. From the time I ordered to the time I received my boy, it took 23 days and this was during the Luts NaNuRi 2007 event. One thing though is that you can't make any face-up requests or anything.
    19. Hi, Cayate!

      I just got my Minifee Lishe last week and I've been feverishly buying things for her.

      I second the recommendation for Joyce W.'s Designs...they are a perfect fit and very well made. I also have several Teen Trend outfits, which are also a perfect fit, perhaps a little open in the cleavage, but she has adorable cleavage, so she shows it off!

      I have some items on order from Brennil and I can't wait to see how they look on my girl.

      I have one knit top from Tonner (meant to fit Tyler-sized dolls) that is also a perfect fit. Then, a few odds and ends that are mostly good fit, but are either hard to get on or off or have a weird fit.

      As for sanding, I was afraid I was going to have to do that to because it would be really noticeable, but surprisingly, it doesn't detract from the doll at all. When I first unpacked her, I thought the one near her left shoulder was a crack, but after inspecting her thoroughly and realizing it was just a seam, I don't even notice them. So, sand if you like, but I don't really think it's probably necessary, unless you would prefer she look perfect.

      Personally, I'm utterly thrilled with my Minifee and I hope you are, too, if you go ahead and order ShuShu :)