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Fitting a Monique Wig

Jan 5, 2010

    1. I am soon going to order a lovely Monique Ginger wig in Carrot Red for my beautiful doll, but don't know the size to get...

      My doll has a 7.2 inch head. Normally, I would buy her a 7-8 wig, and it would slip all over but I would put a rubber band on or use a similar technique to keep it on.

      But I've heard Monique wigs are particularly stretchy...

      ...could I risk a 6-7 size wig? Or should I stick with 7-8?

      Thank you!
    2. Bumpage please! <333
    3. Hi this is Grace at jpopdolls.net, for a 7.2, get the 6-7 size. I carry Monique and yes they do stretch. Mind telling me the doll so I can tell you for sure.
    4. The doll is an Angel of Dream Rao.

      Wish I could order from you guys - I hear rave reviews, but you don't have the wig size/color I need. :(
    5. yes go for 6-7, sorry about that we restock often but... what wig did you need, sometimes we have wigs not on the site, due to ebay non-payers
    6. A Monique Christine 6-7 wig in Golden Auburn. <3