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Flakey Buyer Feedback for 100700

Apr 29, 2010

    1. I really don't like doing this, but it has been very upsetting and people need to be aware and IMO, cautious when entering into a transaction with this person.

      I'll try to keep this very short and to the point.

      100700 contacts me on 04/23/10 about the Volks SD17 Reisner head I'm selling in the MP.

      She makes a lower offer than my asking price and asks for a layaway plan. We agree to each others terms. She agrees to buy and requests that I send her a receipt of payment for each payment. I include an expensive extra item as a bonus.

      Says she will pay the down-payment on May 1st.

      On 04/26/10 she contacts me to ask if I can lower the price again or she won't be able to buy the doll because she had "unexpected bills".

      She says this is her dream doll, I know the feeling of really wanting a doll but the price being a bit steep, so I lower the asking price again and I lower the down-payment price too. She tells me again that she will send the first payment on May 1st.

      Today 04/29/10 she contacts me to say she found a better deal and that she won't buy my doll. Wishes me luck and that's that.

      I told her that this was considered flaking out but her reply was "hope you can understand a little bit a buyer really do lots of consideration and comparesions to purchase a very expensive product till they pay for that product in the last second.- - like you buy a house or make an investment or a car a tv ....... that's really make people keeping searching and searching thinking and thinking over . this was an expensive item and that as abuyer sahe had to consider all of "

      I don't know if this is a matter of poor understanding of the MP rules due to her not being a fluent English speaker, but she entered into an agreement to purchase my item and then bailed out.

      I consider this buyer to be flakey and I'm leaving appropriate feedback.

      Thank you for your time.

    2. I forgot to add that I had exchanged Paypal info with her so she could make the first payment on May 1st. This was a "done" deal. :|